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Irwin D'souzavia Google

Hello i own a Hyundai grand i10 asta diesel and the tyres are stock appolo which has almost reached its end just after 35000 kms. Its a 165/70/14 inch tyre but now im planning to change the tyre so is it ok if i can upsize the tyre to 185/75/14 tyre and if so which brand of tyres would you suggest. My main criteria is a lot of highway and city travel and i want a good tyre for comfort grip in all weather no drop in mileage good breaking and should be silent too. So i have heard about the yokohama earth1. Is this a good tyre to buy or is there a better option which excels this brand. Thank you

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Hello Irwin,

The valid upsizes you can go for are 175/70 R14 or 185/65 R14. Upsizing would help the tyres get better road grip and overall braking efficiency would improve.

As far as Yokohama Earth-1 is concerned, it is a very good tyre, comes with silica infused rubber compound which lends it very good wet and dry braking and good handling. Even the ride comfort on this tyre is good.

However, if budget is not a concern then you can go for Michelin Energy XM2 . It is one of the best things you could go for, offers amazing ride quality, superior wet and dry traction and great tyre life.



Veerendra chikhalkarvia Google

Hi... There's bubble in my 2 Tyres out of 5 which is 8 years old. Is it recommend using same tyre by putting tube in it? Please help. Thanks.

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Hello Veerendra chikhalkar,

Tyres have a shelf life of 5 years, any tyre older than that is not fit to be used. This is because older tyres harden and lose their grip.

When used for long they get easily heated up and burst. A reasonable number of accidents take place because of using very old tyres.

So, please buy new tyres and not use the old ones, they are not safe.


Veerendra chikhalkarvia Google

I've Fiat Palio. 1)Current tyre size is 165/80/80R13. What other size can fit in this? 2) Which is best between Yokohama earth1 and bridgestone Firestone or B250. Thanks.

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Hello Veerendra chikhalkar,

You can go for 175/80 R13. It will offer you better road grip and more effective braking.

Out of the tyres mentioned by you, go for Yokohama Earth-1 as it comes with a silica infused tyre compound. This means it offers better wet and dry grip and has good life. The tread pattern of the tyre mkes for a quiet and comfortable ride quality.


MSvia Google


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From 165 to 205, it is a very big upsize and will come with a lot of disadvantages:

1. Steering would feel very heavy

2. Handling will not be precise

3. Tyres will wear out soon

4. ride quality will be bumpy

5. Tyres will probably stick out of wheel arches

5. Fuel economy will drop.

If you have to go for upsize then go for going for 195/70 R14 would be a good bet.


Syed Abdul Muqtadarvia Google

Is it safe to fix the new set of tyres in the rear of the car and, the old ones in the front?

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Hello Syed Abdul,

It is recommended to put new tyres in rear by majority of the companies, but the catch is that this is helpul only in case you drive over wet roads or during rains. This is because if you put new tyres in front and if the old rear tyres spin on water,  you cannot control the vehicle using steering ( as steering only controls front wheels ). 

But for Dry seasons and  Dry roads it is best to put the new tyres in front as your braking as well as handling is controlled by front tyres.


Gm Kolhapurvia Google

I am using Goodyear 185/65 R15 tyres for my Manza. They have done close to 50000 kms. Which tyres are better for replacement? I travel a lot on rough roads as well as highways. Regards, Col SP Kulkarni email

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Since you travel a lot on rough roads as well as highways, I think you should go for Goodyear Assurance Duraplus tyre. It comes with DuPont Kevlar technology which makes it very sturdy over rough roads.

The tyre also contains Silica which makes for superior wet and dry traction and enhanced tyre life. I think this tyre would be appropriate for your usage.


Uday Sidvia Google

What tyre size is best for polo GT ?

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Hello Uday,

The stock tyre size on Polo GT is 185/60 R15. I think for normal use this is an ideal tyre size. In case you take your vehicle over racing track and want more traction and cornering capabilities, then go for 195/60 R15.


Ajayjit Singhvia Google

Hi...Car is Swift ZDI (185/65 R15)- Want to upgrade to 195/65 R15 91H MRF ZVT tyres. Dealers are suggesting 195/60 R15 88T Bridgestone B290. Which is better option? Please suggest.

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Hello Ajayjit,

Please go for 195/65 R15. It is the appropriate upsize for your vehicle. If you go for 195/60 then you are going for low profile tyres. which will get damaged easily over rough roads.

Bridgestone B290 is a good tyre, you can go ahead with it.


krishna krishnavia Google

Hi Ramit, I have Tata Manza quatrajet Elan more than 90 % my ride is on high ways.. I drive very less in cities... suggest me good tyres for replacement.

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Hi Krishna,

You can go for Yokohama Earth-1 tyre. It comes with a silica based tread compound which makes for superior wet and dry traction and enhances tread life. The tread pattern of this tyre involves a wide central rib that ensires superior handling and control even at high speeds. The tread pattern also minimizes road noise. 

Another good option would be Bridgestone Turanza AR20. This too is silica based and offers great comfort and handling. The braking efficiency on this tyre is very good, it is better than Yokohama Earth-1 in every sense, and hence would cost a bit more.

If you want something top of the line then go for Michelin Energy XM2 tyre. It has a very long tread life and excellent wet grip. The ride quality is best on this tyre out of all three tyres compared here.


Saptak Tambevia Google

i am planning to replace my corolla altis tyres. Can you suggest between bridgestone ER300 and michelin XM2, which are the better ones?

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Hello Saptak,

While Michelin Energy XM2 is a very good tyre, Bridgestone Turanza ER300 is a much better product. It is in fact the stock tyre on a lot of luxury vehicles.

ER300 offers great ride quality in terms of comfort and quietness, the tread pattern offers superior wet and dry traction along with very effective braking. The rubber compound used in this tyre ensures good tread life.

So,go for it without any hassles, just make sure you get it in right size, best would be to stick to stock size.


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