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Atul Agarwalvia Facebook

Hi ramit , I am having a swift and i want to upgrade its tyre size - so should i only upgrade the tyres or should i upgrade the tyres and suspension too ?

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You can go for size 195/65 R15. It will give you better road grip and more efficient braking. Although on the downside, you could find the steering to be a little heavier due to the added weight of wider tyres. Also, the ride qiality could become a little bumpy, but apart from that there should be no tangible impact.

Vikram Simha Reddy Gureddyvia Google

Hi Ramit I have 3 questions- 1. I have just bought a new Honda City 4th gen and I want to change it to Alloy wheels. Should I be upsizing the tyres-If yes, please recommend how much I can go for? My requirements would be Better (or at least no difference in mileage), Durability of Tyres and good road grip-I love to drive over 140-160 kmh on highways 2. Which tyre would exactly suit my requirement-Brand and make? 3. I have a Royal Enfield Electra which has done 10,000 Kms and my stock tyres skid a lot particularly when the surface is wet. Is ny upsize possible and also suggest some good tyres for road grip and durability. I only use my bike within city and never run it over 100 kmh

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Hi Vikram,

I will answer your questions in the same order as you asked them.

1. If you want to retain the stock rim size i.e 15", then you should go for 185/65 R15 and in case you want to go for 16" rims then go for 195/55 R16. Both these sizes would give you good road grip and better braking efficiency. While going for 185/65 R15 would have no side-effect, going for 195/65 R16 could have some impact on fuel efficiency. Dueto the added weight of the tyres the fuel efficiency could drop a little, not much but marginally. However, road grip and braking would be more on 195/65 tyres.

2. Considering your usage, you can choose out of Continental ContiComfortContact CC5, Michelin Energy XM2 or Bridgestone MY02 Sporty Style tyre.  While Bridgestone would offer better performance and handling, Continental and Michelin would offer better ride comfort and longer tread life. The grip levels on Continental and Michelin are great as well.

3. We never recommend upsizing in case of 2 wheelers unless recommended bymanufacturer. This is because any minor changes with the tyre size could impact the handling and riding characteristics of the bike. Only Royal Enfield people could suggest you an upsize, if any at all. You can go for Ceat Gripp tyre in stock size for better wet grip .


Mushtaq Quadirvia Facebook

I am debating between Hankook Optimo K424 and Bridgestone Turanza AR20

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Hi Mushtaq,

Hankook Optimo K424 ME02 is a pretty good tyre, offers a good comfortable ride with great traction and handling, yet, Bridgestone Turanza AR20 is a better buy.

This is because AR20 consists of silica enriched compound which makes for superior wet performance and also enhances tyre life. Even the comfort on this tyre is pretty good. Also, Bridgestone has better after sales support as compared to Hankook.


Xaviervia Facebook

I own a gixxer 150 which runs a tyre size 14/60 R17. And I bought a tyre size 14/70 R17. Will this effect my bike? Is it okay?

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Hi Xavier,

In case of 2 wheelers we strictly recommned buying tyres in exact same size as specified by the manufacturer. The  tyres you have bought have higher sidewall, this increases the riding height from the rear and might impact the stability of the vehicle. I would recommend going for tyres in stock size for optimum safety and performance.


Siddhi Waknisvia Google

Hi Ramit, We are planning to exchange our currently used tyres for our swift pls recommend

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Hi Siddhi,

MRF ZV2K would be a good tyre to begin with. It offers confident grip and long tread life. And if you want something better then go for Bridgestone Turanza AR20.

 In case budget is not an issue and you want tyres that offer supreme ride comfort then you could go for Michelin Energy XM2 tyres. They are the best of the lot.


Kashif Rahmanvia Facebook

I have verna fluidic tyre size is195 55 r16 .I want to increase the tyre height. So that the ground clearance should increase

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Hi Kashif,

I could recommend upsizing to you but sadly that will not help with the ground clearance. This is because even if you increase the tyre width, in order to maintain correct diameter difference, there would be a subsequent decrease in sidewall height and the overall ground clearance would more or less remain the same.

An effective option for increasing the ground clearance is to use Spacers. After market spacers would cost you close to Rs 450/ pair, approx. An economic deal and effective as well.


Vinay Kashyapvia Google

i have Chevrolet aveo 2007 model. i have 185/60/R14. i want to replace tires with 185/70/R14 in same car. please tell me

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Hi Vinay,

I am sorry to inform you that this upsize cannot be recommended. This is because the diameter difference for this upsize is over 6% whereas it should be less than or equal to 3% for a valid upsize.

Going for 185/70 R14 will hamper the stability of the vehicle and would also change the centre of gravity. This could lead to serious accidents, especially over sharp turns or at high speed.

In 14" rim size the only valid upsize is 195/55 R14.


Dr Rajveer Singh Pawaiyavia Google

Dear sir, I want to change tyres of my Swift Dezire Zxi model 2014. I am willing to bit upsize for smooth riding as I drive daily for min 70 km to office. Can I go for Michelin or Continental size 195/65 R15 91V?

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Hello Rajeev,

Go for Michelin Primacy 3 ST or Continental Premium Contact-2 would be good options. You can go for any of them as they both offer a very comfortable ride quality.

You can upsize to 195/65 R15. While this upsize will not improve the comfort, it would improve the road grip and braking efficiency as the tyres are wider.


Hemanth kumar Ellendulavia Google

hii my bike hero karizma 2014 i want to chnge my tyres can u help me

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Hi Hemanth,

If you want tyres that are performance oriented and are more ideal for high speed racing/ track use then go for MRF Masseter. These tyres have been recently launched by MRF and are pretty good at delivering high performance. They offer for superior cornering and exceptional stability.

However, something more suitable for daily commuting would MRF FS for front and MRF Zapper-C for rear.


Jay Concast Corporationvia Google

How is the Speed Control & Road Gripping of Ceat Zoom 120/80/17

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Ceat Zoom has a very innovative tread pattern which leads to effective evacuation of water. And the tread compound has been specially designed in order to optimize dry traction. It also offers good handling even at high speeds. Just make sure you get them in stock size.


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