User Reviews for Aeolus Tyres

User Reviews for Aeolus Tyres
Based on 10 User reviews

User Reviews for Aeolus Tyres

  • Practical and impressive

    I have been using Aeolous PrecisionAce AH02 for the last four years, and I have no issues regarding the performance of these impressive tyres. I am sure it will last for more five years without offering much trouble. It is quite impressive to get such durability at an affordable price point along with silent ride at high speeds.

    By mayank
    On: 2020-01-30 06:45:50
  • All-terrain tyre

    I am very happy with the decision of using Aeolous PrecisionAce AH01 for my car as this tyre never failed to perform in any road condition. It comes with reinforced bars in the shoulder grooves that assist over wet surfaces, providing friction. Also, the low rolling resistance of this tyre has improved the fuel efficiency of my car.

    By pratap singh
    On: 2020-01-30 06:41:36
  • The highway rider

    The performance provided by the Aeolous SteeringAce AU02 on the highway is exceptional as it does not generate any sort of noise, and the car is pretty stable even at high speeds. Moreover, the comfort provided by it is the same over all forms of terrains and its longitudinal grooves aids in providing excellent handling.


    By ronit
    On: 2020-01-30 06:21:49
  • Innovative and very comfortable

    Aeolous SteeringAce AU01 comes with a jointless bead wire that helps in enhancing the wet grip and braking performance of my car. Apart from increasing the braking performance it also has improved the comfort inside the cabin effectively. You can surely select this over others considering the features. I did not face a single issue even after driving 30000 km on this tyre.


    By mohan kumar
    On: 2020-01-30 06:20:45
  • Improved Braking and Friction

    I have recently replaced my stock tyres with the Aeolous GreenAce AG02 and I am quite satisfied with its performance and the range at which it is offered. The multi-directional profile of this tyre enhances my breaking abilities at high speeds and have even saved my car from ramming into a tree once. Also, the grip that it provides over wet surfaces is exceptional.     

    By inku
    On: 2020-01-30 06:16:54
  • Increased extra life

    The advanced silica compound which is used in the making of Aeolous GreenAce AG01 tyre provides the tyres with an increased extra life. Even after using these tyres to cover a distance of around 18,000 plus kilometres, these tyres still provide the same control over the roads. Also, considering the pricing point, these tyres don’t burn a hole while buying.

    By aman
    On: 2020-01-30 06:15:11

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