User Reviews for Apollo Tyres

User Reviews for Apollo Tyres
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User Reviews for Apollo Tyres

  • exceptional handling and braking

    My Skoda Octavia has Apollo Aspire 4G tyres, and I am very impressed with the performance offered by these tyres. They tend to stick to the surface even on high-speeds, which helps in offering great stability on highways. The braking performance is also remarkable, and I would surely recommend this tyre to everyone.

    By shail
    On: 2020-01-17 12:33:38
  • premium tyres offering exceptional traction

    I was looking for a premium tyre for my BMW 320D, and most of the dealers suggested me to opt for Apollo Aspire. It’s been a few months, and it performs really well. The traction offered by this tyre is outstanding, thanks to the use of special silica tread compound.

    By sidharth
    On: 2020-01-17 12:32:00
  • low noise and durable

    Apollo Amazer XL is a great choice for those who hate the noise getting inside the cabin when driving on the highway. The best feature that I liked about this tyre is the visual alignment indicator that helps in detecting misalignment, which is fantastic at this price point.

    By sachin sharma
    On: 2020-01-17 12:29:56
  • pretty durable

    I have been using Apollo Amazer 3G Maxx for the last five years, and I have no complaints regarding the performance. The tear is also very less, and I am sure it will last for more five years without any issue. Getting such durability at an affordable price point is quite impressive.

    By aftab
    On: 2020-01-17 12:27:52
  • ideal for city use

    Apollo Amazer 3G is a great tyre for city usage as it comes with low rolling resistance that helps in enhancing the fuel economy of my car. Moreover, I got it at a pretty affordable price point, which makes it a great choice. I would surely recommend this tyre to those who want exceptional city performance.

    By pawnesh kumar
    On: 2020-01-17 12:26:02
  • offers good traction

    The stock tyres on my Maruti Swift didn’t perform as I expected it to be so I upgraded them to Apollo Alnac 4G and so far I am very impressed with the performance. The asymmetric tread pattern that helps in better water dispersion, which, in return, enhances the wet performance of the car. 

    By pankaj singh
    On: 2020-01-17 11:53:30


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