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Yuvraj Pacumbrevia Google

i have alto k10 (2010- 2014) model.i have put 165/70 r13 tyres to my car but the problem is when 3 people seats on rear seat then while car running tyres touching cars metal body what should i do

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Hi Yuvraj,

This is because of the incorrect upsized tyres. You are using 165/70 R13 where as the recommend upsize is 165/65 R13. This effectively means your tyre's sidewall height  is 8.25 mm extra than recommended. This is the prime reason for the tyres touching the wheel arches.

I suggest you try tyres of 165/65 R13 size. If the problem still persists then there is some issue with the shockers. But I believe correct tyre size would solve the issue.


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