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Subrata Kunduvia Facebook

Hello, i want to buy tire for my chvrolet beat desel., Ihave changed all the original tyre in last 5 years 70k KM. now the new ones need to change.. is it normal?

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Hi Subratu,

Tyres usually run good gor around 40,000 kms. So I think it is necessary that you replace all tyres. 

You can go for MRF ZV2K. It offers good grip and long tyre life. You can also look at Yokohama Earth-1 tyre. It offers good performance, durability and handling. Apollo Alnac is also a good tyre that you can look at.

In case you are looking at tyres that offer better fuel efficiency then go for Ceat Fuel Smarrt or Bridgestone Ecopia EP150. Ecopia would be our recommendation here.


Anindya Chatterjeevia Google

Which tyre is recommended for polo 2014 edition.

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Hi Anindya,

If you want a tyre that offers good decent performance in terms of traction and comfort offered then Apollo Alnac would be a good option. In case you want something betetr then go for Michelin Energy XM2. It offers great tractipon and performance and has a very good tread life. But the only drawback with this tyre is that it is not very durable over rough/uneven roads and may get damaged. So, Bridgestone Turanza AR20 would be another pretty good and durable option to be considered.


Srinivasa Murali Krishna Gattupallivia Facebook

Which model is battery in apollo tyres for 175 65 r14 for my TATA indigo ecs car

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Hello Srinivasa Murali Krishna Gattupalli,

Apollo Alnac would be a pretty good tyre for your Indigo. It offers good grip and makes for a comfortable ride quality.

In case you want a tyre that offers long tread life then go for Apollo Amazer 4G Life.


Arvind Narsikervia Google

self driven maruti swift vdi daily run of 10 km .which tyres do u recommend

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Hi Arvind,

Since the running pf your vehicle is not much, go for MRF ZV2K or Apollo Alnac. In case you want better tyres and budgest is not a constraint then go for Bridgestone Turanza AR20 or Michelin Energy XM2.


Siddharth 'iSid' Indurthivia Facebook

How does Falken Sincera sn845 compare against the Apollo Alnac in the 17/65R14 segment? Specifically in the following priority items: 1. Grip and braking 2. Sidewall strength and puncture affinity 3. Road Noise 4. Tyre life

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Hi Siddharth,

1. Grip and Braking- Both are good, almost comparable but Alnac fares better in wet as it comes with Silica compound

2. Sidewall strength & puncture resistance- Sincera is better as it comes with stronger construction

3. Road Noise- Sincera is better as it comes with 5 pitch variation tread pattern

4. Tyre life- Sincera scores more here on account of better tread depth and rubber compound used


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