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Brindpreet Kaurvia Google

i want my 2013 model chevy sail apollo tyres with 175/70/14 specification to be replaced. is it ok if i go in for 185/70/14 apollo amazer 4g or 4g life tyres? in any case what difference will t make to the performance/ health of my car?

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Hello Brindpreet Kaur,

Yes, you can go for tyres in 185/70 R14. It is a valid upside and would help your vehicle get better road grip and improved braking efficiency. 

You can go for Apollo Amazer 4G tyres. They offer good handling and performance. If your major concern is tread life then go for Amazer 4G Life.


Srinivasa Murali Krishna Gattupallivia Facebook

Which model is battery in apollo tyres for 175 65 r14 for my TATA indigo ecs car

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Hello Srinivasa Murali Krishna Gattupalli,

Apollo Alnac would be a pretty good tyre for your Indigo. It offers good grip and makes for a comfortable ride quality.

In case you want a tyre that offers long tread life then go for Apollo Amazer 4G Life.


Rajesh Sharmavia Facebook

which tyre is best for chevrolet beat car

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Hi Rajesh,

Yokohama Earth 1E400 would be a great tyre for your Beat . However, if you are looking at something more economical then we suggest you go with Apollo Amazer 4G Life. In case you want something the best of the line then go for Michelin Energy XM2.


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