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Deven Dholakiavia Google

Planning to change 1 tyre for my Audi A3 as it seems to have developed air bubble and gives vibrations over 100kmph? Should I change all 4 tyres or only 1. I have done about 44k on these tyres. Also Which is the better brand to go for? looking for cost effective but sturdy solution

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Hello Deven,

Since the tyres have already clocked 44k kms,I think its best that you replace all 4 tyres for maximum performance and safety.

If you are an aggressive driver and like to rev the engine a lot, then go for Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K110 High performance tyre. It would offer excellent wet and dry grip, precise handling and very responsive braking. But since it is a high performance tyre, the ride comfort will be just about adequate.

In case you have a moderate driving style, then Falken Azenis PT722 would be a very good tyre. It would offer a very comfortable ride quality, good tread life and superior wet and dry traction.

Both these tyres are not very expensive and offer good value for money.




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