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Rahil Ahmedvia Google

Hi , I have finalized two options for my pulsar 220 dtsfi . Option one Michelin sporty and mrf zapper fs. I heard the Michelin that is available in India has negligible grip on wet surface and is hard unlike the one from made in Thailand which is amazing on wet surface . Moreover your site mentions 6 yrs warranty for Michelin pilot tyre whereas the dealers are providing only 5 yrs please suggest

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Hi Rahil,

WHile Michelin Pilot Sporty is a good tyre, in wet as well as over dry tarmacs, yet, MRF has better products in the same range. Though MRF FS is a decent tyre, it is not as good as Michelin Pilot Sporty. 

Instead , you should go for MRF Front Revz FC for front and MRF Revz for rear. Theey would offer superior wet and dry grip.

In case you want high performance tyres, suitable for racing and track use then go for MRF Massetter. They are super soft and offer awesome grip.


Harvinder Singhvia Google

Hello Siddharth, can you help me choose bike tyres? I have a pulsar 150 and looking for a broader rear tyre. I have always heard of mrf and ceat but when I saw michelin that seemed to be having more grip. Shall I go with that? And what is the max tyre size that I can go with?

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Hi Harvinder,

I will recommend you the upsize of 120/80R17 for your Pulsar 150. You should definitely go for Michelin Pilot Sporty tyre if your usage will be on the good tarmac. However, this tyre might wear faster than the MRF Revz. If your usage will be on rough road conditions then CEAT Vertigo will suit your bike better. Also see: 5 basic Tips for purchasing Motorcycle Tyre


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