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Vishnu Gopalvia Google

My bmw 320d has stock 225/50/r17 RFT bridgestone potenza s001. Which is the best tyre for performance and longivitey? I'm planning to get tubeless tyres and not rft. So far have michelin pilot sport in mind. What about conti SC 5 and Yoko? Which has most life and sportiness ?

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Hello Vishnu,

The two tyres that you should consider are :

1. Michelin Pilot Sport 3 ST- It is a high performance tyre and offers superior traction, excellent handling,  very responsive braking  and long tread life because of special Le Mans inspired tread compound. 

2. Continental ContiSportContact 5 -  The tread compound and design of this tyre makes it perform better than Michelin Pilot Sport 3 ST in terms of handling, traction and braking. It is basically an Ultra High Performance tyre, hence the exceptionally good performance. But while it has better tread life than other UHP tyres, it isn't as long as Michelin Pilot Sport 3 ST's

So, unless you take your BMW to a sports track to extract every bit of performance, I would suggest that Michelin would offer a great combination of performance and long tread life.

However, if you want exceptionally good performance and can compromise on tread life then Continental is a very good option.

Hope that helps.


Ramit Anand


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