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prakaassh tahilianivia Google

What is difference of Bridgestone tyre Turanza Er 300 and Ecopia Ep 150 of same company -195 65 R15 which is better ?

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Hello Prakaassh,

Both, Bridgestone Turanza ER300 and Ecopia EP150 are very good tyres and have respective benefits.

Turanza ER300 is basically an ultimate touring tyre. It offers superior wet and dry grip, comfortable ride quality, precise handling and good braking efficiency. It is extremely suitable for long highway drives as well as regular city use and has a very good tread life.

Ecopia EP150 is actually an eco-friendly tyre. So, while running it emits less carbon in the atmosphere and also improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by up to 7% approximately. It is very suitable for city as well as highway drives. Offers good wet and dry grip and handling, but not as good as Turanza.

So, if you want a tyre for long highway drives and supreme handling and grip then go for Turanza ER300, but if you want to go for tyres that improve fuel efficiency, are eco-friendly and offer good performance, then Ecopia EP150 would be the right choice. 

To summarize, Ecopia is a very good tyre, but Turanza is Great.

Hope this is helpful . You can know more about these tyres by visitng these links:

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Ramit Anand

Tushar Kulkarnivia Google

Hi I am having Swift Dzire VDI 2013 and want to upgrade my tyre is 185/65 R14 size correct and I want to buy bridestone tyres only but I am confuse in B290 or Turnza or Ecopia. please give suggession

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Hello Tushar,

The best tyre out of these is Bridgestone Turanza AR20. It comes with a Silica infused compound that makes for superior wet grip and long tyre life. The ride quality is very quiet and comfortable.

After this you can consider going for Ecopia EP150. It is actually an eco-friendly tyre and emits less carbon into atmosphere. But its biggest advantage is that it offers low rolling resistance which improves fuel efficiency of the vehicle by upto 7-10%. Tread life on this tyre is also very good.



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