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naval pradeepvia Google

I recently bought Hyundai Elantra diesel AT, it currently runs on Hankook 205/60/16 and I am looking to replace the OEM tyre and alloys. I am not sure what size of tyre should I go for. The options i had in mind were: 215/60/16 215/55/16 215/55/17 215/50/17. Also which brand of tyre should i opt for, i want a comfortable ride without compromising on grip and performance. If i upsize to 17 inch will it affect the suspension and the fuel efficiency a lot ?

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Hello Naval Pradeep,

You should go for 215/60 R16 tyre size as it will offer better road grip and more responsive braking without impacting the ride quality and handling.

Rest of the sizes mentioned by you are low profile tyres which would hamper the ride quality due to reduced side profile.  The rims/alloys may also get damaged easily over rough tarmac.

You should go for Michelin Primacy 3ST. These tyres offer excellent ride quality, superior grip, precise handling and a very long tread life.

You may also go for Bridgestone Turanza T001. This tyre is on par with Michelin in terms of grip and performance but lacks slightly in terms of ride quality.

You can upsize to 17" alloys. It will not have any impact on fuel efficiency or ride quality. In fact, opting for tyres in 17" rims would offer better road grip and more responsive braking.

But it is an expensive affair.





Neel Parikhvia Facebook

VW Jetta. City use. Occasional Highway driving. Approx 10000km a year.

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Hi Neel,

Keeping your requirements in mind, Goodyear Assurance Triplemaxwould be a good tyre to begin with. It comes with a silica based compound and offers good traction and comfort with long tread life.

In case you want something better, then go for Bridgestone Turanza T001. It is priced on the higher side but is an extremely good tyre in terms of performance, comfort and tread life.

However, a tyre that fits between these two options is Bridgestone Ecopia EP150. It is actually a fuel efficient tyre that offers good traction over wet and dry surfaces along with good comfort and long tread life.


Ramit Anand

Amol Bokanevia Facebook

I have fod figo 1.5D titanium nov-2012 model car.It's runnning is 34000kms now .I'm thinking of changing tyres .please recommend me the best tyres for my car .My running is on long routes mostly and city use occassionally.thanks

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Hello Amol,

Since your majority of usage is over highways, you would require tyres that not only perform well over weta ndd ry surfaces but are also very safe and offer a very comfortable ride quality.

Keeping these factors in mind, I would recommend that you go for Bridgestone Turanza AR 20 or Michelin Energy XM2.

Both these tyres offer superior wet and dry grip, precise handling and control, effective braking but in terms of ride quality and comfort, Michelin is a tad better than Bridgestone. Michlein would also offer you longer tread life.

Drive safely !



Hello Roshan,

If you want tyres that offer decent performance but have longer tread life, then MRF ZV2K would be a good option. The downside is that these tyres are a bit noisy, especially at high speeds.

In case you want something better, then Yokohama Earth-1 would be a very good option. Not only are these tyres reasonably priced, but they also offer great traction, comfort and handling. Even the tread life is quite good.

However, if you want something top of the line, then go for Michelin Energy XM2 or Bridgestone Turanza AR20. 

Both these tyres offer superior traction, excellent handling and a very comfortable ride quality. While Bridgestone is more durable on rough roads, Michelin tyres offer better ride comfort and enhanced tyre life.



Ashu Sehgalvia Google

Hi Ramit, I am using Wagon R LXI DUO 2007 model. I want to change

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Hello Ashu,

You can go for Bridgestone tyres. They offer great performance and durability. We would recommend Bridgestone Turanza AR20 tyres. You can also look at Bridgestone B290. They are quite good in terms of comfort, reliability and traction level, however, not as good at Turanza.

However, if your car's running is low and you are looking for something more economical then MRF ZVTS would be a good option.


Balaji Rameshvia Google

Dear Mr. Ramit Anand I am using Maruti A star (2012) and it travelled 48000 kms. I have the following queries requiring your guidance. 1. How to find out whether the tyres need replacement immediately or after six months. Some dealers advise immediate and some others sasy to replace after six more months. How to decide. 2. Which is the best upsize for best riding comfort and best road grip..? - a. without changing the rim and b. with change in rim size..? 3. Which is the best brand and model for the new tyres for best riding comfort and road grip (cost and mileage are secondary concerns)..? Thanks S. Balaji Ramesh from Chennai. Mail ID - Mobile - 73388 52463

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Hello Mr. Balaji,

1. Tyres usually run good for 40,000-45,000 kms and require replacement post that. Also, you must replace tyres if they are older than 5 years. This is because tyres have a shelf life of around 5 years after which they lose the oils which are responsible for providing the grip.

This also hardens the rubber compound, decreasing grip levels. If you think that there is sufficient tread on the tyres, i.e more than 1.6mm deep and if the tyres are not older than 5 years then you could use them for a few more kms..max 1000 kms. But keeping safety in mind I'd say its best you replace them.

2. In same rim size the best upsize would be 165/80 R13 and in 14" rims you should go for 165/70 R14. These size would offer better road grip and improved braking, without hampering riding comfort.

3. Since budget is not much of your constraint, I'd say that you go for Michelin Energy XM2 tyre or Bridgestone Turanza AR20. Both these tyres offer superior grip and comfort. Ride comfort is a bit better in Michelin but Turanza AR20 is more durable to rough road conditions.



Siddhi Waknisvia Google

Hi Ramit, We are planning to exchange our currently used tyres for our swift pls recommend

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Hi Siddhi,

MRF ZV2K would be a good tyre to begin with. It offers confident grip and long tread life. And if you want something better then go for Bridgestone Turanza AR20.

 In case budget is not an issue and you want tyres that offer supreme ride comfort then you could go for Michelin Energy XM2 tyres. They are the best of the lot.


Rampraveen Somasundaramvia Google

Hi Ramit, I have Yokohama 185/70 R14 in my 2011 Swift Dzire ZXI. As the tire had worn out in 32K KMS, i am planning for change. Could you please advice a suitable model for me. The usage will be on mixed of little uneven roads [read Tamil Nadu state highways] and National highways.

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Hi Ramparveen,

First of all, the reason for early wearing out of your tyres is that you are using wrong size of tyres. The stock on Swift Dzire is 165/80 R14.  The valid upsizes in same rim size are 175/80 R14 or 195/70 R14. If you use 195 the tyre wearing rate would still be relatively higher than 175.

You could try using Yokohama Earth-1 tyre, they are actually made very durable and offer good grip. Another good option would be Bridgestone Turanza AR20. It offers great traction, comfort and is quite durable.


Anindya Chatterjeevia Google

Which tyre is suggested for honda city 2014 model diesel?

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Hi Anindya,

Goodyear Assurance Triplemax would be a very good tyre for Honda City. It offers good comfort, traction and tread life. However, if you want a better tyre then look at Bridgestone Turanza AR20 or Michelin Energy XM2. While Michelin provides superior ride comfort and grip, Turanza offers great traction with more durability and decent ride comfort.

If you want an economical option with long tyre life, decent grip but can compromise on comfort and tyre noise then go for MRF ZVTV.


amit Rajbanshvia Google

I need to change my Tata manza tyres. I drive a lot on highways. Given this what do you suggest?

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Hi Amit,

MRF ZVTV would be a pretty good tyre to start with for your Manza. If budget is not a constraint then you should go for Bridgestone Turanza ER300


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