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nandkumar morevia Google

I have a Yamaha Rey zr please suggest me of which company Tyre would I prefer

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Hello Nandkumar More,

If you ride your Ray over rough or unpaved roads then go for CEAT Gripp scooter tyre. It would offer confident grip and control.

If your riding is mostly over highways then go for TVS Pancer-II. You can also go for MRF Zapper Scooter.



Gangadhar Gangavia Google

I want to change my return wheel tyre for suzuki access 125, 2014 model. Please suggest the right type.\\n

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Hello Gangadhar,

You can choose between TVS Pancer-II and CEAT Gripp Scooter tyre. They both would offer good grip and tread life. But if your usage is mostly over rough and uneven roads then go for CEAT Gripp.



Amarnath Prasadvia Google

What is the difference between HONDA AVIATOR REAR TYRE 90/100-10 53J and 3.50-10 51J both MRF make. mrf

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Hi Amarnath,

3.5 -10 is equivalent to modern-day 110/80 -10 size. As you can see, this is different than the stock tyre size of your Honda Aviator, which is running on 90/100-10. Please do not go for 3.50 size tyres and make sure you stick to 90/100 size. You can go for MRF Zapper (Scooter) tyre if you ride over well-paved surfaces and highways. If you ride over rough or un-paved roads then go for CEAT Gripp Scooter tyre. 



Yogesh Khanapurvia Google

Which tyre is best for yamaha fascino scooter? As I ride for about 100kms per day.

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Hi Yogesh,

If majority of your rides are over highways/ well-paved roads then you should go for MRF Zapper ( Scooter) tyre. It offers good wet and dry grip with long tread life.

In case you use your vehicles over rough surfaces or muddy terrains then go for CEAT Gripp ( Scooter) tyre. The large lug sizes ensure confident grip over rough terrains.


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