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jawaharbabu garapativia Google

Please recommend Swift vdi tubeless tyres

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Hello Jawaharbabu,

You can start with MRF ZV2K. It is a decent tyre and offers confident weta dn dry braking with a good tread life. However, if your priority is tread life then go for CEAT Milaze X3. CEAT says that this tyre lasts up to 1 lakh kms and offers good grip and comfort.

If you are interested in getting a tyre that offers better grip, handling and comfort then Yokohama Earth-1 would be a very good choice. However, a top of the line tyre in terms of grip, comfort, handling and safety would be Michelin Energy XM2.

I have mentioned tyres in the increasing order of their prices. So, MRF ZV2K costs the least of the lot while Michelin is the most expensive one.





sekar sambamurthyvia Google

For my Zen estilo vxi 2010 model.

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Hello Sekar,

MRF ZLX would be a good tyre for your Zen Estilo VXI. It offers a well-cushioned ride quality along with good grip over wet and dry surfaces. 

If you want a tyre that delivers superb tread life then go for CEAT MIlaze X3 tyre. CEAT claims that this tyre has a tread life of around 1 lakh kms. It fares good on grip and comfort levels too.

However, if you are looking at something top og the line in terms of grip, comfort and handling then go for Bridgestone Turanza ER60. It is one of the best tyres out there with respect to comfort, safety and tread life, but is a bit on the expensive side. 


Pranav Sharmavia Google

Is ..? Mrf mogrip meteor 2.75 r18 compatible for splendor plus in rear tyre fitment.

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Hi Pranav,

No, MRF MoGrip Meteor M would not fit Splendor Plus. You should rather go for CEAT Milaze X3. It offers superb grip with a long tyre life. Even the braking is very confident with this tyre.




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