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Siddhanth Saxenavia Facebook

Hi Siddharth, I had a concern regarding the tyre size of Datsun Go+. They are 13 inches. Can we upsize the tyres in it? If yes, Kindly suggest the exact dimensions of the tyres. Regards, Siddhanth Saxena

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Hi Siddhanth,

If you want to retain the 13 inch rims then you can upsize to 185/60R13 tyre size. The diameter difference in this case is 2.30% (We recommend the upsize if diameter difference is under 3%) However, if you want to change rims also and use 14 inch rims then I will suggest you to go for 165/60R14 size tyres (dia difference- 2.95). But keep in mind that you will have very less tyre option to choose from if you plan to use 14 inch rims therefore the best upsize according to me would be 185/60R13. Also checkout our Upsize Calculator.



I am currently running company fitted 155/70 R13 size tyres on my Datsun go plus. I wish to install 14-inch 175/65 alloys on it, is it any problem for this upsizing?

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175/65 R14 will be a wrong upsize for your vehicle. The rolling radius of the wheel will increase by nearly 6.56 per cent in comparison to the stock tyre. A correct upsize would be the one where the difference between the two is under or equal to 3 per cent mark. You can opt for 165/60 R14. That would be a correct upsize. 


Hello, I have recently purchased the Datsun GO Plus. I feel the car wheel size are too small for me and I want to change them. Can I modify my car by going for bigger sized tyres? Please suggest.

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The Datsun GO plus comes fitted with 155/70 R13 profile tyres. If you want to upgrade or opt for bigger sized wheels, you will need to upgrade to 14-inch wheels from the current 13-inch wheels on your car. You can either go for 165/60 R14 tyres or go for an extra wide 185/55 R14 with the new upsized rim. Below are the pros and cons of both the tyres: 165/60 R14- Pros: Improved handling, good overall performance with affecting the car's ride quality by much. Cons: Slight change in fuel economy 185/55 R14: Pros: Excellent handling, improved- stability, braking and grip. Cons: Substanial drop in fuel economy, stiff ride quality, heavy steering at low speeds.



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