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Navjot Singh Brarvia Google

Sir \\nI have Etios liva car and 185/60 size tyre. I want to upsize for facelifting of my car plz suggest me suitable size of tyre for my car.\\nRegards

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Hi Navjot,

If you want to retain same rim size then go for 195/60 R15 tyre. If you want to go for an even bigger size then 205/55 R15. However, in this size the wheels would stick out of wheel arches and the steering may feel heavy.

If you want to upsize to 16" rims then go for 195/55 R16



Rakesh Sharmavia Google

I am having Toyota Etios Liva, I m going to replace my existing Bridgestone Tyres. their performance was excellent My Car have run 55K KM, and still they are ok. Now I want to increase my Car ground clearance also with Tyre replacement , please suggest me which brand is best for Indian (Rajasthan) roads, what size should I go without compromising performance (If millage goes down 1-2 KM I m ok

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Hello Rakesh,

In case you want to increase ground clearance the best option is to upsize. You could try upsizing to 185/65 R14. However, the increase in ground clearance would be marginal. Going for a wider tyre in 14" rims would terribly impact the performance and ride quality.

If it is really necessary for you to increase ground clearance then you should go for 15" rims. 185/55 R15 would be a good size. But this is a pricey affair.

You could go for Yokohama Earth E1400  or Bridgestone Turanza AR20. They both offer similar performance but Yokohama would offer better value for money.


Aditya Manishivia Google

Looking for replacement of 4 tyres of my Toyota Etios 2012 model. current tyre size is 175/65. Wanted to know if can replace it with 185/65 and also please provide a quote for 4 tyres.

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Hello Aditya,

Yes, you can replace your stock tyres with 185/65. But this would make your ride quality bumpy, body roll would increase, tyres would wear out relatively quickly and speedometer and odometer readings would be inaccurate. It is best to stick to stock size.

Goodyear GT3 would be a decent tyre to begin with. However, if you want something better then go for Yokohama Earth E1400 


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