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Vinod Krishnapuramvia Google

I want to change tyres for my Chevy Enjoy. Which brand would be recommended?

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Hi Vinod,


The MRF ZVTS is a no-non-sense tyre with a long life good traction on gravelly roads. Road noise could be a concern, though.

The Apollo Alnac is better suited if you cover most of your distance on the highways. Road noise is very well contained for quieter rides.

The Falken Sincera is better for wet and dry grip for city use. The wider blocks help it last longer while offering good cornering grip.



Siva Prasadvia Google

I have i10 and need to replace now. Pl let me which brand is safer and durable.

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Hi Siva,


These two things are contradicting. A softer compound will offer good grip for better braking under emergency situations but will wear out faster. Harder rubber will last long but braking performance will be poorer. You have to find balance based on your usage.

I'd recommend the Michelin Energy XM2. It has only three centre gutters in the centre to hold water on wet roads as there more channels to push it outward. That increases the amount of rubber in contact with the surface. So you get good dry and wet weather grip with more rubber to shred before it's time to replace.

Here's the link:

Falken Sincera is another option that's also cheaper than the XM2 but won't last as long as the XM2.

Both of these tyres will be quieter and grippier than the factory tyres you got with your car. The improvement will be noticeable.



Ulhas Kulkarnivia Google

Recommend tyre for my SANTRO XING four wheeler

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Hi Ulhas,

Take a look at the MRF ZVTS. These are hard compound rubber but last a long time.

If you don't drive much, then spending a little more on a set of Falken Sincera will give you better grip and less road noise. The difference will be noticeable instantly compared to the MRF at the cost of a shorter life.


Sanjay Kumarvia Google

I want buy two cheap and best tyres for my santro xing car. Help me in choos

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Hello Sanjay,

I believe Falken Sincera SN835 and MRF ZVTS are good options for you to consider. Falken would offer better grip and comfort levels while MRF will offer decent grip but a long tyre life. In case you can increase your budget by a small margin then go for MRF ZSLK, it offers great grip , long tyre life and will also improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency by a small margin.


Siddharth 'iSid' Indurthivia Facebook

How does Falken Sincera sn845 compare against the Apollo Alnac in the 17/65R14 segment? Specifically in the following priority items: 1. Grip and braking 2. Sidewall strength and puncture affinity 3. Road Noise 4. Tyre life

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Hi Siddharth,

1. Grip and Braking- Both are good, almost comparable but Alnac fares better in wet as it comes with Silica compound

2. Sidewall strength & puncture resistance- Sincera is better as it comes with stronger construction

3. Road Noise- Sincera is better as it comes with 5 pitch variation tread pattern

4. Tyre life- Sincera scores more here on account of better tread depth and rubber compound used


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