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dilip rvia Google

i own Ford Eocboost ecosport car. I have done 40,000/- km I am planning for trip from chennai to Leh ladakh. Have to change the tyre Planning for wider Michelin Tyre.Kindly suggest me

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Hi Dilip,

Chennai to leh trip sounds really exciting. You would need a rough and tough tyre that is less likely to get puctured or damaged. Therefore, you should consider tyre that utilises hard compound rubber. You can upsize to 205/65R15 tyre size if the stock size is 195/65R15. Some tyre that you can consider are Apollo Apterra HLS, Yokohama Earth-1, and CEAT Gripp LN. If your stock tyre size is 205/60R16 then you can upsize to 215/60R16. It is generally noticed that Indian tyre manufacturers utilises hard tyre compound so give preferrence to them.



Looking for a new set of tyres for my Ford Ecosport. My vehicle has run over 30,000 km and presently its fitted with R16 MRF tyres. Please suggest the best tyre and also the ideal time to change it.

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Stock tyres usually last for 40,000 - 50,000 km under normal driving conditions. However, tyre life depends greatly on driving conditions/style. In case a tyre is not maintained properly or being driven on poor roads regularly, the tyre life will reduce greatly.  

The EcoSport comes fitted with either Goodyear or MRF tyres from the factory. You can opt for the Goodyear Assurance 205/60 R16 tyres instead of MRF tyres this time. Else, you can go for Bridgestone Turanza GR90, which come in the same size. 

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