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Debabrata Chakrabortyvia Google

Ford Figo diesel 2013, upside recommendation please

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Hello Debarata Chakraborty,

For Ford Figo, the stock tyre size is 175/65 R14. Upsizes possible in 14" rims are 185/65 R14 and 195/55 R14. 

In case you want to upsize to tyres in 15" rim size, then go for 185/55 R15 or 195/55 R15.

For best handling and ride comfort, we would recommend 185/65 R14 or 185/55 R15. Go for 195mm width tyres only if you are a very aggressive driver and need good braking response and vehicluar stability at very high speeds. But this size would make the steering feel a bit heavy, the fuel efficiency could drop slightly and the ride quality may also get affected.



Amol Bokanevia Facebook

I have fod figo 1.5D titanium nov-2012 model car.It's runnning is 34000kms now .I'm thinking of changing tyres .please recommend me the best tyres for my car .My running is on long routes mostly and city use occassionally.thanks

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Hello Amol,

Since your majority of usage is over highways, you would require tyres that not only perform well over weta ndd ry surfaces but are also very safe and offer a very comfortable ride quality.

Keeping these factors in mind, I would recommend that you go for Bridgestone Turanza AR 20 or Michelin Energy XM2.

Both these tyres offer superior wet and dry grip, precise handling and control, effective braking but in terms of ride quality and comfort, Michelin is a tad better than Bridgestone. Michlein would also offer you longer tread life.

Drive safely !



Harshal Naikvia Google

hi, I have Ford Figo (1st gen) which I purchased in 2011. It has ran for 33,000 km

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Hi Harshal,

Even though tyres can be used for 40,000-45,000 kms, yet they must not be used for more than 5 years. Considering that your vehicle is 2011 model, you must tyres for optimum safety.

Since I can see that your running is not much, you could go for MRF ZVTV tyres. They offer good grip and long tread life. They are not very expensive also. If you want tyres that offer good grip and control along with tread life then go for Yokohama Earth-1 . It comes with a silica based rubber compound and offer good wet and dry grip and great handling.

Top of the line tyres would be Bridgestone Turanza AR2- or Michelin Energy XM2.


Shailesh Patelvia Google

What is the best best tyre for Ford Figo-No.175 / 65R 14 Bridgstone, MRF, Appolo

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Hi Shailesh,

Since you are looking for the best of the lot, I'd say you go with Bridgestone. You can start with Bridgestone B290. But if you want something better then go for Turanza AR20. It is a great tyre, comes with Silica compound and offers great traction over wet and dry. It also has a pretty good tread life.

If you are looking at a tyre with better fuel efficiency then go for Bridgestone Ecopia tyre. The company claims it improves fuel efficiency by 7-10%.


Dipin Dasvia Google

Hi, I own a Ford Figo which comes with 175/65/r14 tyre. The perfect upgrade for this size seems to be 185/55/r15. Which all brands/tyres do u suggest me. I look for comfort + looks over performance

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Hi Dipin,

Yes, you are right 185/55R15 is a good upsize option for your car. However, I will recommend you to upsize to 195/55R15 just because there are much more tyre options available in that size. Go for Apollo Alnac 4G or MRF ZLOtyre. Apollo is an 'do it all' kind of tyre but the MRF ZLO has slightly softer tyre compound for extre grip. 



Sir, I am facing problem with my Ford figo while driving through bad roads. The bottom of my car touching the road and i am very much worried about it. Will you recommend for some alternative tyres to increase the ground clearance

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Hi Pradeep,

We recommend tyre upsize whose overall diameter difference if below 3%. Just 3% of the diameter difference will have almost no effect on the ride height. Therefore, tyre upsize is not a recommended method to raise ride height. For increasing the ride height you will have to modify the suspension of the vehicle. As a quick fix some people use spacers between the suspension mounts to raise ride height. If you want to go that route then do it at your own risk as it will alter the handling characteristics of the vehicle.


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