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Neel Parikhvia Facebook

VW Jetta. City use. Occasional Highway driving. Approx 10000km a year.

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Hi Neel,

Keeping your requirements in mind, Goodyear Assurance Triplemaxwould be a good tyre to begin with. It comes with a silica based compound and offers good traction and comfort with long tread life.

In case you want something better, then go for Bridgestone Turanza T001. It is priced on the higher side but is an extremely good tyre in terms of performance, comfort and tread life.

However, a tyre that fits between these two options is Bridgestone Ecopia EP150. It is actually a fuel efficient tyre that offers good traction over wet and dry surfaces along with good comfort and long tread life.


Ramit Anand

Hello Varghese C.C,

Bridgestone Turanza ER300 would be a very good tyre for your Vento. This tyre is great for highways as well as city use and offers a good comfortable ride with good performance.  However if you want an economical option and the running of your vehicle is not much or majorly subjected to cities then go for Goodyear Assurance Triplemax.

If you want performance oriented tyres for aggressive driving then go for Bridgestone MY02 Sporty Styly tyre or Hankook Optimo ME04 K424 tyre.



Anindya Chatterjeevia Google

Which tyre is suggested for honda city 2014 model diesel?

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Hi Anindya,

Goodyear Assurance Triplemax would be a very good tyre for Honda City. It offers good comfort, traction and tread life. However, if you want a better tyre then look at Bridgestone Turanza AR20 or Michelin Energy XM2. While Michelin provides superior ride comfort and grip, Turanza offers great traction with more durability and decent ride comfort.

If you want an economical option with long tyre life, decent grip but can compromise on comfort and tyre noise then go for MRF ZVTV.


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