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sameet chhedavia Google

I have Honda city ivetc 2009 model I want to increase my tyer size because lower body touches every speed breaker.. Pls suggeste

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Hello Sameet,

Even though I can suggest you an upsize, yet, it won't solve your problem. Upsized tyres actually have reduced side profile (sidewall height ), so the increase in ground clearance will be minimal.

A more viable solution to improve the ride height is to use after market spacers. A decent pair should cost you anywhere between Rs 500/-  to Rs 1000/-. This would be a better option than upsizing.

If you still want to upsize, then go for 10mm wider tyre, 185/65 R15 .



Kashif Rahmanvia Facebook

I have verna fluidic tyre size is195 55 r16 .I want to increase the tyre height. So that the ground clearance should increase

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Hi Kashif,

I could recommend upsizing to you but sadly that will not help with the ground clearance. This is because even if you increase the tyre width, in order to maintain correct diameter difference, there would be a subsequent decrease in sidewall height and the overall ground clearance would more or less remain the same.

An effective option for increasing the ground clearance is to use Spacers. After market spacers would cost you close to Rs 450/ pair, approx. An economic deal and effective as well.


10DECIMAL Design Studiovia Google

I am planing to buy the new Honda Jazz, But i feel the Ground clearance is a bit low, so how can i increase the ground clearence, also i am planning to get a set of new alloys, so how should i go about it, and which tyres to choose (i need low tyre noise and a good grip.

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Checkout tyredekho tyre upsizing tool- will recommend you to upsize to 195/65R14 size. However, as a rule me make sure that we don't recommend a tyre size whose diameter difference is more than 3% from the original size. This means that the change in ground clearance will be neglegible. We think that tyre upsize should not be seen a way to increase ground clearance as it can severely affect the handling of a vehicle. You can go for Continental ContiComfortContact CC5 tyres


Naveen Bondvia Google

I am driving Honda city Diesel 2015 vx I at present. I am using 175/65 R15 size tyres and I am having problem of low ground clareance. please help me

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Hi Naveen,

Tyre upsizing is not a recommended method to raise the ride height of any vehicle. However, you can safely upsize to 195/60R15. The diameter variant of this size is 2.86 (we recommend anything under 3%). This will only raise the ground clearance negligibly. I am afraid you will have to make modification to the suspenssion mounts by installing spacers if the ground clearance is bothering you that much. That said, we don't recommend it as it alters the driving dynamics of the vehicle. To checkout other tyre upsize options follow this link-


Dr Rehan Ali Khan

i have a maruti swift dzire vdi 2009 model. i have done milage of 1,70,000 km. want to getnew tyres. which do u recommend. my vehicles touches speed breakers when it is full of passangers. plz advice to increase height so that it does not touch speed breakers

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Hi Sir,

I will suggest you to switch to Bridgestone Ecopia tyres this time. You should notice slight increase in fuel efficiency and moreover they will also last longer. As for the problem with low ride height, get your suspension inspected as your car has done 1,70,000 km. If that doesn't help then you may alter the ride height using spacers in the suspension linkage but we will not recommend it as it will effect the handling also. 



Sir, I am facing problem with my Ford figo while driving through bad roads. The bottom of my car touching the road and i am very much worried about it. Will you recommend for some alternative tyres to increase the ground clearance

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Hi Pradeep,

We recommend tyre upsize whose overall diameter difference if below 3%. Just 3% of the diameter difference will have almost no effect on the ride height. Therefore, tyre upsize is not a recommended method to raise ride height. For increasing the ride height you will have to modify the suspension of the vehicle. As a quick fix some people use spacers between the suspension mounts to raise ride height. If you want to go that route then do it at your own risk as it will alter the handling characteristics of the vehicle.


Adit Ahuja

My Honda City has stock tyres 175/65/R15 and are due for replacement soon. I wanted to check if it's okay to go one size up - 185/65/R15 in order to get better riding pleasure. If yes - will this also mean change in tyre pressure ? Current tyre air pressure recommendation is 32 PSI in the front and 30 PSI for the rear tyres. Request your inputs.

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I believe you got a bit confused since the Honda City comes with a R14 wheel, and not R15 as you mention. You can upsize the tyres of your Honda City to 185/65 R14. The ground clearance will increase by nearly 7mm and that should be enough to improve the ride quality of the vehicle. 

There's no defined formula to ascertain the correct tyre pressure after upsize. Usually, the tyre manufacturer specifies it for their products and the readings for that should be available with the tyre dealer. In case it's not, it's safe to decrease the pressure by 1-2 psi from before. It's said that you decrease the pressure by 1 psi for an increase of 5mm in tyre width and so on.However, do monitor the behaviour of your vehicle and alter it accordingly if need be. 

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