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Tamil Manivia Google

Hello I m tamil from puducherry, wat is d life time for tubeless tyre in Honda activa scooter, my bike around 24000km travelled nw bt my tyre frequently puncher recent day, give any suggestion, hw s maintain tyre and average worn out period of tyre and which tyre is best for activa (performance and lifetime)

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Hi Tamil Mani,

Two-wheeler tyres usually run well for 15000- 18000 kms, post which they wear out and require replacement. 

The best way to maintain tyres is to keep them properly inflated, neither over-inflated nor under-inflated. 

For Activa, you can go for Apollo ActiGrip S3 tyre if you use your vehicle over rough or uneven roads. It offers good grip over wet & dry surfaces and the wide lugs offer good durability over rough terrains. 

However, if you use your vehicle majorly over highways and well paved roads then go for MRF Zapper ( Scooter ) tyre.


Vivek Yadavvia Google

Honda activate rear tutubless tyre of me company fitted ,3 year old and 14500 km is showing 4or5 minute puncher and pressure refused from 39 psi to stable pressures around 25 psi after few hrs and after that remain stable pressures what should go for Change some thing else if change than ? company ,?type of true and grip?

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Hello Vivek,

I think it is best that you replace the tyre. This is becasue tyres for 2 wheelers last good for around 15ooo kms. MRF Zapper ( scooter ) would be a good choice if you use your vehicle over highways and  well paved roads.

Go for Apollo ActGrip S3 if the usage of your vehicle is over unpaved, rough or mucky roads. Make sure you buy these tyres in stock size to ensure proper safety.


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