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Akshay Madhav Domkondwarvia Facebook

How is aeolus 235/65 R17-108V for honda crv in comparison with michilin tyres or Bridgestone tyres

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Hello Akshay,

In my opinion, Michelin , Bridgestone or their likes are one of the best tyres in the market, for vehicles. These companoes are pioneers in their field and incorporate immense innovation and superior R&D. So, when comparing with Aeolus, I would certainly recommend Bridgestone or Michelin tyres. 

Also, considering that you own a high-end vehicle, Honda CRV, you should definitely go for popular brands that would ensure superior ride quality and excellent performance. 

I would also like to inform you that the on-going model of CR-V is compatible with 235/55 R17 tyre size and not 235/65 R17


Ramit Anand


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