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Lalit Dharmanivia Facebook

i have honda jazz 2015\nusing 175/65 r15 now\n\nbrand MRF? of Michellin?\nshould i go for upsizing 185/65 r15 jQuery22307526118401593318_1547281413193

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Hi Lalit, 

While MRF also makes good tyres, I would still say that Michelin tyres are bit better. Go for Michelin Energy XM2. It would offer superb grip and comfort.


10DECIMAL Design Studiovia Google

I am planing to buy the new Honda Jazz, But i feel the Ground clearance is a bit low, so how can i increase the ground clearence, also i am planning to get a set of new alloys, so how should i go about it, and which tyres to choose (i need low tyre noise and a good grip.

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Checkout tyredekho tyre upsizing tool- will recommend you to upsize to 195/65R14 size. However, as a rule me make sure that we don't recommend a tyre size whose diameter difference is more than 3% from the original size. This means that the change in ground clearance will be neglegible. We think that tyre upsize should not be seen a way to increase ground clearance as it can severely affect the handling of a vehicle. You can go for Continental ContiComfortContact CC5 tyres



Hi, I Own Honda Jazz company Tyre is 175/65 R15 and i have changed to 195/55 R16 WITH ALLOYS is it advisable

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Hi George,

Yes, the upsize from 175/65R15 to 195/55R16 is alright. The diameter variance between the 2 size is 2.04%. We generally advise the upsize if the diameter variance is under 3%.


prashanth Shanbhag

Hi I am using 175 / 65 R15 on my jazz (2015), planning to upgrade to 195/ 60 R15 88v , is it the right thing to do ? If yes then will really effect my Milage and handling of the car and if no which size do I upgrade to . Please help

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Hi Prashanth,

Yes, 195/60R15 is a good upsize option for the Jazz. This tyre size will give you greater contact patch and should improve the handling of the car. Moreover, you should not feel much difference in the fuel efficiency.



I intend to upsize my tires of my Honda Jazz , original OEM size 175/65 R15 , which tyre size should I go in for 185/60 R15 or 195/60 R15

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Hi Kaif,

Both the sizing options that you are looking into are good. You can go for either of them. With 185/60R15 the diameter difference will be -0.9% and with 195/60R15 diameter difference will be 1.07%. As a rule the diameter difference of the upsized tyre should be under 3%.



I recently installed new tyres on my Nissan Micra but I am planning to sell it now since I am getting a good deal on a used Honda Jazz. I just wanted to ask if it is okay to switch the new tyres from my Micra to the Jazz before I sell it off. Do you recommend this swap?

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The stock tyre size of Micra is 175/60 R15 and that of Jazz is 175/65 R15. Now this is a negligible size difference with diameter variance of -2.88, therefore, it is safe for you to make a tyre swap.

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