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Sandeep Kumar Mahobiyavia Google

Dear Sir, I want to buy a Honda UNICORN 160 i guess which comes with MRF ZAPPER Y TYRES IN REAR, can u please explain that how this tyre will support MONO SHOCK SUSPENSION in city bumps. As I have back pain issue and i am field guy so I need to drive 50 to 150 km per day on an average 3000 km per month. Shall I change my new tyre to CEAT Zoom ? PLEASE GUIDE. Thank you in advance.

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Hello Sandeep,

MRF Zapper Y is a good tyre, you do not have to worry about its performance. As far as your back pain is concerned, so sorry to hear about it, but changing tyres to Ceat Zoom will not make any difference to the pain. In my opinion MRF Zapper Y is a bit better than Ceat Zoom.


Ramit Anand


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