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Firaz PVvia Facebook

Hi, please let me know about the best tyre upgrade for my Creta AT for which I will be using 17-inch diamond cut alloy from Hyundai.

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Hi Firaz,

I will recommend you to upsize to 215/55R17. The diameter difference compared to the original size is -1.73% (we recommend upsize if dia difference is under 3%). For more Upsizing options you can use Tyredekho Upsizing Tool.



I bought a Hyundai Creta AT yesterday and it came with 16-inch alloys fitted to 205/65/R16 tyres as a standard fitment from the company. I wanted to go with the 17-inch alloy and 215-spec tyres, which are standard in top variant of Creta manual. Will it be advisable to fit the larger tyres in the automatic model.

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You go can go ahead and fit bigger 17-inch wheels along with OE spec tyres on your Hyundai Creta AT. It should not possess any problem since both the variants are identical technically, barring the mode of power transmission. 


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