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I am using Hyundai creta 1.6sx plus what are best options my use is in city and highway as well.Roads in my city is not in good condition

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Hi Sarang,

You can look at buying Pirelli P6 tyre for your Creta. It would deliver superb traction, handling and a very comfortable ride quality. If you can't get hold of P6 then look at CEAT Czar HP. It is a high performance tyre and would offer great handling , braking and high-speed stability. BUt being an HP tyre, it may wear out a bit quickly.

Another  economical option here would be Goodyear Assurance Triplemax. This tyre offers very good wet and dry grip, and also has a good tread life. It may be a bit noisy but offers confident braking.

If budget is not a concern then go for Falken Ziex ZE912 tyre. This is a superb tyre and triumphs on all spheres- grip, comfort, handling, tread life and braking.



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