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Manish Jainvia Facebook

I drive a Hyundai Grand i10 2014 model. Currently i'm facing a problem where in my car alignment is not correct and the car runs towards the left. On showing the same to a technician, he suggested that it is not because of alignment but because your tyres are worn out (Car Mileage- 49500kms). Now i'm confused if he's trying to sell his product or is it genuinely because of that. The tyres do not look so worn out that they need replacement. Please suggest what should be done. Also, in case the tyre needs to be changed, which company would you recommend. Also, the current size of tyre is 165/65 R14. should i use the same configuration and what would be the difference if i use a 165/70 R14 tyre. Thanks

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Hi Manish,

Well, mostly tyres usually run good for about 40,000-45,000 kms. However, if maintained properly, they could offer better mileage. So, the best way to assess if your tyres are worn out is to check if the tread depth on them is more than 1.6mm or not. If not, then the tyres need replacement for they are worn-out.

Vehicle pulling towards one direction is usually a symptom of faulty wheel alignment, but if the front tyres haven't worn out evenly i,e one more worn out then the other, then the car may start drifting to one side. 

If the tyres have enough depth and the tyres seem to have worn out evenly, then there is some other problem which needs further inspection from a good service centre.

In case of tyre change, you will have to replace at least 2 tyres ( although replacing all 4 would be best from a safety and performance view point ). 

You can use 165/70 R14 tyre, but this would have more sidewall height.  While over a normal usage it wouldn't make much of a difference, over high ways or at high speeds the vehicluar stability may not remain precise. So, it is best that you use 165/65 R14.

If you want tyres that offer good grip, decent handling and long tread life, then go for MRF ZVTV. However, these tyres are a bit noisy, especially over highways.

A better option would be Yokohama Earth-1 tyre. It comes with a silica based compound for superior wet and dry traction and offers good comfort.

A top of the line option, however, would be Michelin Energy XM2. It delivers excellent performance over wet and dry surfaces and the ride quality is very comfortable.


Ramit Anand

Shrikant Badalvia Google

I have a Hyundai Grand i10 Asta, and I want to upsize my tyres. Can you suggest me the good one.

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Hello Shrikant Badal,

The stock tyre size for your Grand i10 Asta is 1165/65 R14. Possible upsizes for it in 14" rims are :

  • 185/60 R14
  • 175/65 R14

In case you want to upsize to 15" rims then you can go for :

  • 195/50 R15
  • 185/55 R15



Namratavia Google

I have grand i10 sportz diesel and tyres are stock goodyear 165/65 r14. which has come to end after massive 1,00,000 KM ride. I want to replace tyres urgent and want to upsize them. Then in which size i could go for? My main criteria is to go equal for highway and city travel and i want a good tyre for comfort grip in all weather no drop in mileage good breaking and will be silent [MOST IMPORTANT, bcz I like silent cars] . I did not won't rim size change. Take it to r14. I sleected some size. 165/70 r14, 175/65 r14. But please advise me which size i should go for? You can suggest other size also. I shortlisted companies. >Bridgestone > Michelin > Apollo/MRF (Same Preference). My Budget is around 12k-13.5k

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Hi Namrata,

Looks like you have the work cut out for me. Now, to answer the question, go for size 175/65 R14. It will offer good road grip and improved braking.

As far as tyres are concerned, keeping your requirements in mind , you can go for Bridgestone Turanza AR20 or Michelin Energy XM2. Both these tyres offer superior wet and dry traction, precise handling and long tread life along with superior ride comfort. Let budget be the deciding factor for you to choose out of these,



Irwin D'souzavia Google

Hello i own a Hyundai grand i10 asta diesel and the tyres are stock appolo which has almost reached its end just after 35000 kms. Its a 165/70/14 inch tyre but now im planning to change the tyre so is it ok if i can upsize the tyre to 185/75/14 tyre and if so which brand of tyres would you suggest. My main criteria is a lot of highway and city travel and i want a good tyre for comfort grip in all weather no drop in mileage good breaking and should be silent too. So i have heard about the yokohama earth1. Is this a good tyre to buy or is there a better option which excels this brand. Thank you

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Hello Irwin,

The valid upsizes you can go for are 175/70 R14 or 185/65 R14. Upsizing would help the tyres get better road grip and overall braking efficiency would improve.

As far as Yokohama Earth-1 is concerned, it is a very good tyre, comes with silica infused rubber compound which lends it very good wet and dry braking and good handling. Even the ride comfort on this tyre is good.

However, if budget is not a concern then you can go for Michelin Energy XM2 . It is one of the best things you could go for, offers amazing ride quality, superior wet and dry traction and great tyre life.



Praveen Sakevia Google

Hi Ramit, I am using Grand i10 Sportz. I would like to up-size my tires. Which one will suits for this variant. This Variant doesn't have ABS or EBD. I'm looking in YOKOHAMA. Could you please suggest better up-size option in terms of minimum change in Mileage drop.

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Hi Praveen,

Since you want the cost incurred to not be miuch, it is best that you stay with 14" rims. In this case, the upsizes you can opt for are 175/65 R14 or 185/60 R14.

Both these upsizes are valid and none would have an impact on the fuel efficiency. In terms of tread life, 185/64 will wear out relatively quickly as compared to 175.

In Yokohama you can go for Yokohama Earth-1 tyre. It involves a Silica based compound which makes for superior wet and dry traction. Also, because of Silica the tread life also gets enhanced.


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