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Praveen Mohanvia Facebook

What is the best tyre for hyundai i10

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Hi Praveen,

You should look at buying Michelin Energy XM2 tyres or Bridgestone Turanza AR20 for your Hyundai i10. Both these tyres offer superb grip, handling and tread life. They both make use of Silica in their rubber compound. This increases grip levels over wet surfaces and enhance tyre life. But Michelin Energy XM2 would offer a more comfortable and quiet ride quality.  

In case you want something cost-friendly, then go for MRF ZVTS. It offers confident wet and dry grip and a long tyre life, but is a bit noisy , especially at high speeds.

Yokohama Earth-1 is also a very good tyre and delivers a great performance. It is also priced somewhere between MRF and Bridgestone/MIchelin. So, if you can afford to spend a bit more than MRF then you should go for this.



Anil Kumar Kodavalavia Google

dear sir i am using i10 sportz. tyre specification 155/80 R13 79 S. can u suggest which comapany is good?

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Hello Anil,

If you something top of the line then go for Michelin Energy XM2 or Bridgestone Turanza AR20 tyres. Both these tyres offer excellent wet and dry grip, long tread life and a very comfortable ride quality. They both perform equally well on all aspects expcept that Michelin Energy XM2 offer a better ride quality than Bridgestone. 

In case you want something less expensive then go for Yokohama Earth-1. This tyre also offers superior traction and long tread life with good comfort.

However, If you are looking at an economical option that offers decent grip but a very good tread life then MRF ZVTSwould be a good option.

Hope this helps.




Anuj Guptavia Facebook

i want to change two tyre of my graind i10 the dealer ask me for 165-70 is gud is it ok or 165-65

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Hello Anuj,

If the stock tyres on your i10 is 155/80 R13, then you should go for 165/80 R13.

However, if you are going for 14" rim tyres, then 165/70 R14 will be the right size. I would recommend that you get wheels balanced and properly aligned after fitting new tyres. This will ensure proper wearing of tyres and precise steering control.



Siva Prasadvia Google

I have i10 and need to replace now. Pl let me which brand is safer and durable.

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Hi Siva,


These two things are contradicting. A softer compound will offer good grip for better braking under emergency situations but will wear out faster. Harder rubber will last long but braking performance will be poorer. You have to find balance based on your usage.

I'd recommend the Michelin Energy XM2. It has only three centre gutters in the centre to hold water on wet roads as there more channels to push it outward. That increases the amount of rubber in contact with the surface. So you get good dry and wet weather grip with more rubber to shred before it's time to replace.

Here's the link:

Falken Sincera is another option that's also cheaper than the XM2 but won't last as long as the XM2.

Both of these tyres will be quieter and grippier than the factory tyres you got with your car. The improvement will be noticeable.



Prabhat Singhvia Google

Hi i m using grand i10 CRDi sports model with company fitted tyre. I m going for all 4 tyre change. Travelling is about 2500 km/month city with around 1000 km highway and mountains quaterly. Please suggest .

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Hi Prabhat,

Bridgestone Turanza AR20 would be a pretty good tyre for your i10 . If you want something economical then go for MRF ZVTS.


shahid Husainvia Google

Hii I want to upsize my hyundai i10 tyre from 155 80 r13 to 185 80 r13 can it workjQuery22307280697335954756_1486179975333??

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Hi Shahid,

The right upsize would be 185/70 R13. However, please keep in mind that this would make the ride quality bumpy, the handling may not be precise and the fuel efficiency will drop by a few kilometres. Due to the added weight of the wider tyres the steering could also feel heavy.

The benefits of thi upsize is that the vehicle would get more road grip and braking will be more efficient.



dinesh dubeyvia Google

Hi Sidharth Which tyres are suitable for my i10....currently i am using Michelin and it runs around 55000 km i want to know how much other tyres run like MRF,Bridgestone etc.......this is why if all tyres running are almost same then i will look for some economical opton,

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Hi Dinesh,

In terms of tread life Michelin and Bridgestone run good for 45000-50000 kms or a bit more, depending upon how you use them. Same is the case with MRF.

So in case you are looking for economical options for your i10 and long tread life is a major deciding factor for you then you can look at buying MRF ZVTS.

Even though it is a pretty good tyre yet please understand that MRF would not perform as good as Michelin or Bridgestone due to factors like tread pattern, compound formulation etc. If it still fits your budget then you can look at buying  Bridgestone Turanza AR20. It will cost you less than Michelin Energy XM2 and would perform pretty well.


antony Fernandovia Google

Hi Siddharth, what's the major difference between Bridgestone and Michelin. I have an i10 which came with Bridgestone tyres. I am thinking of replacing all 4 tyres. I would like to go for the best. which one would you suggest ?

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Both Michelin and Bridgestone are big brands in the tyre industry and produce very innovative and high quality products. What tyre will work best for you will depend on the exact tyre models you are comparing. The good tyres from both the brands are Bridgestone Turanza AR20, and Michelin Energy XM2. Both of them are equally matched tyres in terms of performance so you can't go wrong with either of them.


DevinaManoj Vaidyavia Facebook

Can I replace all four Tyre of my Grand i10 Sports DRDI 165 65 r14 with 165 70 r14?

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Yes, you can go ahead and upsize to 165/70R14 tyre from 165/65R14 size. After upsize the speedmeter will be off by about 2.9% but this is negligible. Moreover the ride quality of your vehicle should improve after the upsize as the greater sidewall height will soak up the bumps well.



I own a hyundai Grand i10 and im using stock 165/65R14 tyres i need to upgrade to eagle F1 tyres what size would be preferable if i upsize and current market rates ? Upto what size can i can upgrade on the same alloys and is there any decrease in mileage?

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Hi Aromal,

Please try out tyredekho upsize tool- best upsize in my opinion would be 185/60R14. Also see the list of tyres available on upsize that I have recommended you will not look oversized in your car and should only marginally effect the fuel efficiency of your car. It's possible that you might not even notice it.


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