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Hrishikesh Jagtapvia Google

My Maruti Suzuki eeco running is 34000 kms. Rear left tyre has wear out very much.. Also im planning to change all 4 tyres. Kindly suggest me which type of tyre will suit my car. No. of passengers in car is 7-8. Also what is difference between standard and LT varient

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Hi Hrishikesh,

Considering that your car has only done 34,000 km, it's too early for next set of tyres. Normally, a set of tyres wears off in around 50,000 km. For longer tyre life it's important to perform trival maintenance tasks. Read more about it here- to your next point, the standard and LT tyres that you mention simply means that standard tyre is for normall passenger cars and LT (Light truck) tyres are generally used in commercial vehicles and often have higher load rating. However, the passenger car tyres will be provide better ride quality. For the Maruti Versa I will recommend you to used passenger car tyres.  This is the list of  tyres available on will recommend you to go for Apollo Amazer 4G tyres as they are decent performer and also offers good value.


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