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Pathan Adnanvia Google

Best A/T tyre for mahindra thar?

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Hi Pathan,

I would suggest that you go for Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S tyre. It is a very capable all terrain tyre and is quite durable to cuts and abrasions. And widely spaced lugs would offer adequate traction.

Another model that you can look at MRF Wanderer O/R. This is more if an outright off-road tyre and hence would offer superb grip off-the road.



Mahendrakumar Trivedivia Google

Sir , Is dynapro tyre a recommended tyre for Mahindra Thar ?

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Hello Mahendrakumar Trivedi,

The thing is that Hankook Dynapro is actually a Highway Terrain tyre and hence not recommended for off-roading. If you have to use your Thar only on highway and well paved roads then you can go for Hankok Dynapro HL RA25 tyre. It offers pretty good ride comfort and precise handling with great grip.

In case you want tyres suitable for off-roading then you can look at Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S. This tyre offer great wet and dry grip and has large lugs which ovver good traction over rough or muddy surfaces.


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