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MINI MENONvia Google

Hi,I have been using my Ertiga VDI 2012 model for 55k KM's and the tyres have been become weak due to wear and tear.and so sir please can you recommend me a tyre for my car in one of these: Ceat fuel smart,Ceat grip Ln,goodyear assurance triplemax,fallen sincerity sn835,Apollo alnac 4gs,Apollo amazed 4g life, Bridgestone Firestone fr500, Bridgestone b250, Bridgestone b390,continental conticomfort contact cc5,Yokohama earth 1e400, Bridgestone turanza ar20,Michelin energy xm2,pireli scorpion atr or pireli p4 four season plus.Thank you

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Hi Abhishek,

Well, those are a plenty of options to choose from. So I would try to narrow things down and help you make an informed choice.

1. If budget is not a constraint, then I would suggest Michelin Energy XM2 Or Bridgestone Turanza AR20. While both these tyres would offer excellent wet and dry grip, very responsive braking, superb ride comfort and long tread life, Bridgestone would be a bit more durable on rough roads while Michelin would offer a more comfortable and quieter ride.

2. If you want something economical then go for Yokohama Earth 1. It comes with a silica infused tread compound and hence offers superior wet and dry grip and long tread life. Even the handling and comfort would be very good, albeit not as good as with Turanza or Energy XM2.

3. In case you want something more economical, then you can look at Bridgestone B290 or Goodyear Assurance Triplemax. These tyres offer confident wet and dry grip and adequate ride comfort. Both these tyres offer similar performance, but Bridgestone would offer longer tread life.

4. If you drive over rough/ unpaved roads then go for Bridgestone Firestone FR500. It offers confident grip and performance, and is quite durable to rough surfaces. Also, If I am not wrong then Bridgestone is offering unlimited 2yrs warranty on Firestone tyres. You could check about this on their website.

Hope this helps.



Umesh Basavarajvia Facebook

My Ertiga zxi has done 50K kms in stock Goodyear tyres. Need to change it now. I am little bit sceptical about Aeolus quality. As I am looking for budget tyres ( don't want to compromise on safety ), can you pl help me to choose between Aeolus, JK or Ceat.

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Hello Umesh,

I can very understand your concerns. It is a good thing that safety is one of your top priorities. While Aeolus tyres are quite safe, yet, it won't be a bad idea if we look at the already established brands which have been offering good quality products since long.

So, the safest bet for you would be to go for Ceat tyres. Go for Ceat Gripp LN tyre. It offers good performance along with a comfortable ride.

However, if you can stretch your budget by just a bit, then you can buy MRF ZVTV tyre. This tyre has a very long tread life, is very safe and offers good performance. It is, however, a bit noisy, especially at high speeds.


Ramit Anand

Sandeep Gargvia Google

Want to buy tyres for ertga VDI. How are aeolus? Mainly highway drives.

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Hello Sandeep,

Aeolus Tyres are relatively new in India and the tyres offer decent performance. Since you want tyres for highway use mailny, you shoukd go for Aeolus Precision Ace AH01 tyres.

However, you might as well consider tyres from more established and trusted tyre brands.

 In case you want tyres that offer better fuel efficiency, then Ceat Fuel Smarrt tyres would be a good option. For good braking, traction and comfort, I would recommend Goodyear Assurance Triplemax tyres.



Ybav Rvia Google

I have an etios liva GD which has completed 120000 kms on 2 set of tyres MRF the stock tyres lasted for 55k kms and Bridgestone B250 presently running for a good 65k Kms. I want to change the tyres now. Need a good suggestion for the next change. I do a lot of highway driving . 175/65 R14

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For long highway drives Bridgestone B290 would be a very good tyre to begin with. However, If you want something top of the line then go for Michelin Energy XM2. If offers superior performance and great ride comfort with long tread life.


Deep Singhvia Google

Hi, Can u plz tell me which company's tyre will be suitable for Maruti ertiga? And if I want to upgrade the tyre then which tyre size will be more comfortable?

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Hello Deep,

The best tyre would be Michelin Energy XM2. It offers superior ride quality, comfort and long tread life. Its performance on wet and dry surfaces is pretty good. You can also go for Continental ContiComfortContact CC5. It fares equivalent to Michelin Energy XM2 on all levels exceptt that its after sales support isn't as good and the tread life on Michelin is better than Continental.

If you want to go for an upsize then 195/65 R15 would be a very good option. It will offfer better road grip and improved braking.


Chithra Rajeev Mehtavia Google

Hi Ramit , I 've an Ertiga VDi on taxi permit. Mostly travel on high range roads n on high ways. Present tyre size is 185/65 R15 88S of Good year. Is it recomend to up grade the tyre size, if so which size or use the same size which is on now. It has done 64000 km. Should I go for Michelin or Bridgestone. Thanks Rajeev Mehta.

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Hello Rajeev,

You can upsize to 195/65 R15. Going for size wider than this could have impact on mileage You can go for Bridgestone Turanza AR20 or Michelin Energy XM2. Both these tyres offer long tread life, great traction and high safety.

In case you want to go for an economical option then go for Bridgestone B290.


Manish Mishravia Facebook

Your take on getting ertiga fitted with 17 Inches tyres? WIll it impact the performance of the vehicle?Don't we have option of option of Yokohama tyres for ertiga??

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Hi Manish,

Yes, you can fit the 215/45R17 tyre size in the Ertiga. That said, I think it's better to switch to 16-inch rim and go for 205/55R16 tyre size. With the 17-inch size the ride quality will get harsh and there is a possibility of damaging the rims if you drive on bad roads. Go for Yokohama A-drive in that size.


Rohit Kvia Google

hi Siddharth, I own Ertiga vdi model from past 3 m half years. my total for the car run is 53000 km. I have asked Maruti dealer whether i need to change tyres and he has recommended to drive 2-3k km more by looking at its condition...please suggest what should i do? If there is a need shall i opt for bridgestone's B290 185/65 R15 88T Tubeless tyre or is there anything better suitable option ?

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Hi Rohit,

You can inspect the tyre thread depth yourself and decide if you need a replacement. How  to check tread depth using 1Rs coin- Place the 1Rs coin between the tread of tyre if the head of ashoks is visible from the side then its time to replace tyres. However, its better to change tyres if you are not feeling confident about their health. 

Bridgestone B290 is good tyre and you can go for then but also consider Bridgestone Turanza AR20, Apollo Alnac and Michelin Energy XM2. List of  tyres available for Ertiga-



myself own an Maruti Ertiga it is now time to renew my vehichle tyres,kindly suggest me with your advice with upgradation to any new long life model tyres

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Hi Sidheek,

I  will suggest you to go for Bridgestone Ecopia tyre this time. ECOPIA provides eco-friendly performance by being a low rolling resistance tyre. This translates into improved fuel efficiency and longer tread life. 


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