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Rakesh Reddyvia Google

Please advise best tyre for vitara brezza zdi

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Hello Rakesh,

I would recommend that you should go for Michelin Primacy 3ST tyre for your Brezza ZDI. This is an excellent trye, offers superior wet and dry grip along with great ride comfort and long tread life.

In case you are looking at a slightly economical option, then Falken Azenis PT722 would be an excellent tyre. While this tyre would also offer great grip and comfort, the tread life will not be as long as Michelin.



Ranjini Kumarvia Facebook

Hi, I bought a maruti vitara Brezza and it has Apollo tyres fitted in it . On a long drive the tyre got punctured and i found that there is a swelling of tyre at two places. What can be the reason for swelling of tyre. Is it necessary for tall the tyres to be of the same make.

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Hello Ranjini,

The problem you encountered is called 'Tyre Bulge'.

This is usually caused when the tyre hits a sharp object ( like edge of a pot hole, or curb of the road ) with great force.

Another reason is that there could be a manufacturing defect in the tyres. This can be only deduced once Apollo would inspect the tyres for damages. If it is a manufacturing defect, then in most of the cases you can claim warranty.

To answer the other part of your question, it is best if all the tyres of a vehilce are of same brand and type. However, if that is not possible then make sure that tyres on an axle are of exact same brand and type.

So, you may use one particular brand and tyre model for 2 front tyres and some other brand and model tyre for rear axle. However, I repeat, it is best if all 4 are of same brand and type.


Ramit Anand

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