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Gurinderpal Sandhoovia Google

replacement tyres for pajero sport at 265/65 R17

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Hello Gurinder Sandhoo,

Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S would be a pretty good tyre for your Pajero Sport. However, if you want something even better then go for Pirelli Scorpion ATR. These recommendations are  Pajero Sport 4X4 as well as 4X2.

Both these tyres are of All-Terrain type and hence, are suitable for on -road as well as off-road  usage.


Vinod Vyas Rajpurohitvia Facebook

I want to change my pajero SFX tyres I am searching for offroad onroad tyre which tyre you sugest??

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Hi Vinod,

I will recommmend youApollo Apterra H/Ttyres. These are very good all-terrain tyres that are priced very well. Some of the other good tyres that you can consider are Continental ContiCrossContact LX, Michelin Latitude Cross, and Falken Wildpeak.


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