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dheeraj guptavia Google

I HV beat LT petrol. I want to change its tyre. What is the best tyre size (if I can upgrade it? And best tyre brand for beat. Thanks. Dheeraj

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Hi Dheeraj,

The stock tyre size for Beat Petrol LT is 155/70 R14. If you want to upsize it then go for 165/70 R14. MRF ZLX would be a good tyre to begin with. In case you want something better then you could look at Bridgestone B250 or Bridgestone Turanza AR20 ( our recommendation being Turanza if it fits your budget). 

You could also look at buying Yokohama Earth-1 tyre. It is better than Bridgestone B250, although not as good as Turanza.


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