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I am currently running company fitted 155/70 R13 size tyres on my Datsun go plus. I wish to install 14-inch 175/65 alloys on it, is it any problem for this upsizing?

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175/65 R14 will be a wrong upsize for your vehicle. The rolling radius of the wheel will increase by nearly 6.56 per cent in comparison to the stock tyre. A correct upsize would be the one where the difference between the two is under or equal to 3 per cent mark. You can opt for 165/60 R14. That would be a correct upsize. 


I am currently running company fitted 185/70 R14 size tyres on my Swift. I wish to install 15-inch alloys on it, what will be the most suitable tyre size to provide better cornering stability?

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205/55 R15 will be the best upsizing option for you considering your performance requirement. The diameter variance is just -1.32 per cent, which is very close to stock.

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