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Brencis Rcvia Google

dear siddarth which will be best 3 tyres for my car optra magnum

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Hi Brencis,

Apollo Alnac 4G S would be a good tyre to begin with for your Optra Magnum. In case you want something better then Yokohama A- Drive AA01 would be a good tyre 

Another good tyre , although slightly expensive, would be Hankook Optimo Me02 K424.

If you wanted performance oriented tyres then go for Yokohama S Drive or Bridgestone Potenza GIII. 


sagar lalvia Google

Hi, i am planning to change my elite i20 asta tyre. So which is the best tyre to go for. I have got apollo tyres in the car which is company fitted. Its a decent tyre. So now i have selected Bridgestone, pirelli and continental, so amongst these which is the best option to go for or if there is any better option. I am also planning to increase the tyre size from 195/55/R16 to 205/55R16.

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Hello Sagar,

Go for Bridgestone Potenza GIII if you want a performance oriented tyres (more suitable for aggressive driving style). Otherwise for a comfortable ride Pirelli P7 would be a pretty good option.

I hope you do understand that upsizing would make the ride quality of your car bumpy, steering might feel heavy and thus handling could be impacted, tyres would wear out relatively quickly and speedometer and odometer readings would be inaccurate. In our opinion it is best that you stick to stock size. But then it is your call,


dheeraj kaushal

I own elite i20 with tyre specifications 195/55 r16. Not happy with tyres that came from company. Grip is not that good. And there are lots of cracks on tyre as I drive in hilly areas. Suggest me some good tyre. And I want to upsize tyre. I want more wide tyre.. Please help.

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Hi Dheeraj,

Although the 195/55R16 is a good size for i20 but if you want to upsize then you can go for 205/55R16. Do consider the Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 or Potenza G3 tyres.


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