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Bhushan Kharade

Sir please guide on upsize tyre for Mahindra Quanto, from stock tyres to 235/75 R15 105S. How it would affect performance in terms of braking, cornering, mileage, etc? Would it affect odometer reading by advance or retard manner? Also would it rub against fender arch when steered lock to lock? Please suggest best option and if possible tyre make. Thanks in advance. Bhushan Kharade.

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Hi Bhushan,

I feel that the stock tyre size is adequete for Quanto. However, if you want to upsize to enhance the looks then you can upsize to 255/70R15. The overall diameter difference with this upsize is only 0.61% i.e, if the actual speed of the vehicle is 100 kmph then the odometer will show 100.61 kmph. This is a very minor error.


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