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  • antony fernando asked 20 Apr 2016 09:28:43
    Hi Siddharth, what's the major difference between Bridgestone and Michelin. I have an i10 which came with Bridgestone tyres. I am thinking of replacing all 4 tyres. I would like to go for the best. which one would you suggest ?

    Hi, Both Michelin and Bridgestone are big brands in the tyre industry and produce very innovative and high quality products. What tyre will work best for you will depend on the exact tyre models you are comparing. The good tyres from both the brands are Bridgestone Turanza AR20, and Michelin Energy XM2. Both of them are equally matched tyres in terms of performance so you can't go wrong with either of them. Regards

    Answered 20 Apr 2016 09:28:43
  • santosh vishnoi asked 01 Mar 2016 01:13:26
    HI, My name is Santosh Vishnoi and based in Blr. I am having Wagon R - 2008 Model. I have to change my Car tyres and size is 145/70/R13. I have seen Bridgestone B 290 & Continental. Mine is City driving of approx 40 Kms daily. Kindly Advice which one should I go for ?

    Hi Santosh, If you wish to keep the stock size then some of the best tyres I can recommend you are Bridgestone B290, Falken Sincera SN835 and Bridgestone Turanza. That said, you can also upsize to 155/65R13 for better performance and safety. Regards

    Answered 01 Mar 2016 01:13:26
  • vinod vyas rajpurohit asked 25 Feb 2016 08:31:36
    I want to change my pajero SFX tyres I am searching for offroad onroad tyre which tyre you sugest??

    Hi Vinod, I will recommmend you Apollo Apterra H/T tyres. These are very good all-terrain tyres that are priced very well. Some of the other good tyres that you can consider are Continental ContiCrossContact LX, Michelin Latitude Cross, and Falken Wildpeak. Regards

    Answered 25 Feb 2016 08:31:36
  • rajen ghadiok asked 23 Feb 2016 01:40:27
    Hi. I have a Toyota Fortuner that has done 65000 kms. I intend changing the tyres. Which are the most appropriate ones. I do not do any cross country driving. But do the hills often up to Simla. Thanks Rajen

    Hi Rajan, If you drive mostly on the city or highways then you don't really need All-terrain tread on the tyres. I will recommend you to pick Bridgestone Ecopia EP-850 or Bridgestone Dueler H/L 683. These tyres will provide better ride quality than the all-terrain tyres but don't go off-roading on them. Regards

    Answered 23 Feb 2016 01:40:27
  • sunil ranjan maharana asked 23 Feb 2016 01:13:52
    Dunlop TUFF GRIP tubeless 140/70 17. How's the performance of this tyre on YAMAHA FZ ? And what would be the excepted price in Thane ?

    Hi Sunil,  Dunlop TUFF Grip is a good tyre and according to the users it's better than MRF however, this tyre is not available currently as the Dunlop India operations have stopped. I will recommend you to go for Michelin Pilot sporty tyres. These are very good tyres and you should be satisfied with them. Regards

    Answered 23 Feb 2016 01:13:52
  • vijay rai asked 16 Feb 2016 07:49:02
    For me, ride comfort, braking and safety is very important. I am reluctant to change tire brand other than what was given with car that is bridgestone dueler 698 II. BUT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ANY INDIAN TIRE brand whose better quality and long lasting feature than bridgestone. if so please let me know the tire type for xylo e8 old model.

    Hi Vijay, The OEM Bridgestone Dueler is a good tyre for Xylo. However if you want some option then go for Michelin Latitude Cross or Apollo Apterra HT tyre for all-terrain performance. If you drive on tarmac roads mostly and not on bad roads then you don't really need all-terrain tyre. In this case go for Apollo Apterra HP tyres. Regards

    Answered 16 Feb 2016 07:49:02
  • hrishikesh jagtap asked 16 Feb 2016 06:08:03
    My Maruti Suzuki eeco running is 34000 kms. Rear left tyre has wear out very much.. Also im planning to change all 4 tyres. Kindly suggest me which type of tyre will suit my car. No. of passengers in car is 7-8. Also what is difference between standard and LT varient

    Hi Hrishikesh, Considering that your car has only done 34,000 km, it's too early for next set of tyres. Normally, a set of tyres wears off in around 50,000 km. For longer tyre life it's important to perform trival maintenance tasks. Read more about it here- to your next point, the standard and LT tyres that you mention simply means that standard tyre is for normall passenger cars and LT (Light truck) tyres are generally used in commercial vehicles and often have higher load rating. However, the passenger car tyres will be provide better ride quality. For the Maruti Versa I will recommend you to used passenger car tyres.  This is the list of  tyres available on will recommend you to go for Apollo Amazer 4G tyres as they are decent performer and also offers good value. Regards

    Answered 16 Feb 2016 06:08:03
  • ayush chandrakar asked 11 Feb 2016 08:04:08
    i want to bye a tyre for my hero hunk, plse tell me best one ? and also i am considering tvs jumbo tubless. please also tell me about pireli tyre, is it good one or not??

    Hi Ayush, The stock tyre size of Hero Hunk is 100/90-18 (rear) and 80/100-18 (front). You can see the list of tyres available here- will recommend you go for MRF Zapper tyre for your motorcycle as it offers better performance compared to the TVS Jumbo tyre. Pirelli Sport Demon tyre is not offered in the size that you require.  Regards

    Answered 11 Feb 2016 08:04:08
  • rohit k asked 29 Jan 2016 07:43:36
    hi Siddharth, I own Ertiga vdi model from past 3 m half years. my total for the car run is 53000 km. I have asked Maruti dealer whether i need to change tyres and he has recommended to drive 2-3k km more by looking at its condition...please suggest what should i do? If there is a need shall i opt for bridgestone's B290 185/65 R15 88T Tubeless tyre or is there anything better suitable option ?

    Hi Rohit, You can inspect the tyre thread depth yourself and decide if you need a replacement. How  to check tread depth using 1Rs coin- Place the 1Rs coin between the tread of tyre if the head of ashoks is visible from the side then its time to replace tyres. However, its better to change tyres if you are not feeling confident about their health.  Bridgestone B290 is good tyre and you can go for then but also consider Bridgestone Turanza AR20, Apollo Alnac and Michelin Energy XM2. List of  tyres available for Ertiga- Regards

    Answered 29 Jan 2016 07:43:36
  • sunil bhatia asked 15 Jan 2016 06:25:19
    Hi Siddharth, i have a 2011 Innova G model. Running is less but as i am connected to Mahableshwar Trekkers Club. We have to go for search n rescue work many times and sometimes the car is driven on rough n hilly roads. Moreover the rain in Mahableshwar is heavy. Which tyre do you suggest for my Innova, cost is not a problem.

    Hi Sunil, For the usage that you have described, SUV tyres will be more suitable for your car. The problem is that there is not much option you have with 205/65R15 size tyres. I will suggest you to go with Yokohama Geolander A/T-S tyres in size 205/70R15. GEOLANDAR A/T-S is YOKOHAMA’s ultra competitive all-terrain workhorse for SUVs.  Follow this link to purchase this tyre from Yokohama Geolander A/T-S. Regards 

    Answered 15 Jan 2016 06:25:19


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