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sir. iam rarely using maruthi ritz car 3000km for year, old tyres are hard,mechanic told me replace new tyres, plz helpme which tyres are beter for long time, i am using very low milage, plz recomond me.

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Since your usage is low, you can use MRF ZVTV tyres. They offer good tread life along with confident wet and dry grip. In terms of costing also they are not very expensive.



Which tyre is best suited for my Ritz VDi? I need a tyre that lasts long and improves mileage. Currently, I am using company fitted Bridgestone S248 - 165/80 R14 85T and my car has covered 70,000km with them. I find these tyres slippery on wet surfaces but other than that, these are excellent tyres and I get mileage of over 20km/l. Should I continue with the same tyres? I was also looking at Bridgestone B290 165/80? Please suggest.

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Stick to the Bridgestone S248 since you seem to be happy with its performance, fuel economy and longer lasting life. As the tyres have already covered 70,000 it's understood that they are at the end of their life, and that's why they slip on wet surfaces.

Compared to the S248, the B290 is aimed more towards performance and grip. It will be compartively quieter and comfortable as well. However, it won't be as long lasting as the S248 and will be a bit expensive. But since you want better fuel economy and tyre life, the S248 would be the beter option of the two. 

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