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umesh jaggavia Google

Best tyre for suzuki s cross 1.6. I am tough driver and use car at max. Tyre size will be 205/60 R16

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Hi Umesh,

First of all, thank you so much for telling me about your driving style. This shall help me in suggesting the right tyre for your use.

Now, given your driving style, you'd need tyres that offer superb grip, handling and even a long tread life.

Choose out of Bridgestone Turanza T001 or Michelin Primacy 3 ST. They both offer superb wet and dry handling and respond well to steering inputs. Even braking efficiency is also very good on these tyres.

But, Turanza is more suitable for rough use, while Michelin would offer better comfort and silent ride quality.

If you want a performance oriented tyre then go for Bridgestone Potenza GIII. This would offer amazing handling, control and grip. But would wear-out relatively quickly.

Keeping your safety in mind I am only suggesting top of the line tyres.




Suitable tyres for maruti s cross 1.6alpha variant to reduce noise and give better grip and fuel efficiency

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Hi Madan,

We feel that the stock tyre size of 205/60R16 on the S-Cross should be adequate, performance wise. However, if you want to upsize for the looks then you can go with 225/55R16 size tyres. Yes, the larger size tyres will provide more grip but you should not expect improved fuel efficiency with the upsized tyres. Generally there is a neglegible drop in fuel efficiency after upsizing.


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