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D.Rangaraj Ramananvia Google

I want to buy new tyres for my Skoda Rapid 2016 model. It has tyre size of 185/60 R15. I prefer Michelin XM2. But recently I came to know about assymmetrical patterned tyre from Bridgestone named Turanza ER300. I got confused now. I always drive fast in Highways and travel nearly 800kms per week. Often do rash driving and frequent braking

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Hello D. Rangaraj,

Bridgestone Turanza ER300 is a very good tyre. Its asymmetric tread profile helps with better braking and superior high speed handling. It is better than Michelin Energy XM2 in terms of braking strength and handling over wet and dry surfaces. The tyres also have very good tread life and offer a comfortable ride quality.

Go for it, a very reliable purchase.


Rahul batra

Hi I have Skoda rapid tyres size 175/70/14 ,I want to upgrade to 185/75/14 . is this size available if yes then will it affect any part of car like bearings ,alignment apart from milage .

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Hi Rahul,

The 185/75R14 is not the advisable upsize for your vehicle. I will suggest you to go with 185/65R14 or 205/60R14. Yes, this tyre size is available in the Bridgestone India range. No, it should not effect things like alignment of the bearings of your vehicle.


Siddharth M

Hi, I'm confused between Yokohama AC01 195/60 R15 and MRF ZLO 205/55 R15 FOR my Skoda Rapid elegance. I was on apollo acelere's the stock ones for 32K kms. My usage is 50hyderabad city 50 highway! Thanks, Siddharth

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It depends on your driving preference. If you want a more comfort oriented tyre that performs decently well in different road-conditions, go for the Yokohama AC01 or C-Drive. The MRF ZLO though is an out and out performance tyre and is made of softer compound. It will have less tread life but will offer superior road grip, braking and handling charateristics. Also, the MRF ZLO will turn out to be a more expensive purchase in comparison to Yokohama. 

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