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Shiva Prakashvia Google

Hello. I am looking to replace tyres for skoda Yeti. The recommended size from Skoda is 215/60 R16. However, It seems Falkens have a good tyre in close match ( 215/65 R16). If I go with this size, it is safe to keep the same spare tyre as before ? It is a continental 195/60 R16.

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Hi Shiva,

While going for 215/65 R16  would be a valid upsize from the stock 215/60 R16, yet on doing this you would feel that the ride quality of the vehicle to be a bit bumpy and high speed handling could not be very precise. This is because 215/65 has more side profile as compared to 215/60, so the sidewall would be higher and hence the overall body roll would increase.  It is best to use tyres in stock size.

And you said that your spare tyre is 195/60 R16...are you sure it was the stock spare? Usually stock spare in VW or Skoda is an inch smaller in its dia, so for Yeti it would be 15" stock size.

Anyway, use the size that came as stock spare or one of the current 215/60 R16 could be used as a spare tyre


Harinder Grewalvia Google

What tyres are best for Skoda Yeti. My running is mostly in Chandigarh and once a month on highways to Delhi or Jalandhar. Secondly is it possible to have tyres that increase the ground clearance of Yeti?

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Hello Harinder,

You can go for Pirelli P7 or Michelin Primacy 3 ST for your Yeti. They both are good tyres but we would recommend Michelin for their comfortable and quiet ride quality.

And I am afraid upsizng will not increase the ground clearance for your vehicle as for a valid upsize, the diameter difference has to be less than or equal to 3%, because of which the increase in ground clearance is negligible.

I'd say that you go for after marker spacers to increase ride height, a pair of spacers would cost your around Rs 500/-, to start with. However, to be on safer side you could run this idea by your nearest Skoda dealership.



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