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Sunil Panditavia Google

The best tubeless tyres for Swift vxi

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Hi Sunil,

If you want tyres that offer decent performance but have longer tread life, then MRF ZV2K would be a good option. The downside is that these tyres are a bit noisy, especially at high speeds.

In case you want something better, then Yokohama Earth-1 would be a very good option. Not only are these tyres reasonably priced, but they also offer great traction, good comfort and precise handling. Even the tread life is quite good.

However, if you want something top of the line, then go for Michelin Energy XM2 or Bridgestone Turanza AR20. 

Both these tyres offer superior traction, excellent handling and a very comfortable ride quality. While Bridgestone is more durable on rough roads, Michelin tyres offer better ride comfort and enhanced tyre life.




Atul Agarwalvia Facebook

Hi ramit , I am having a swift and i want to upgrade its tyre size - so should i only upgrade the tyres or should i upgrade the tyres and suspension too ?

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Hi Atul,

If you are using Swift LXI/LDI or VXI/VDI variants, then the stock tyre size would be 165/80 R14. Plausible upsizes to this are 175/80 R14 and 195/ 70 R14. If you go for 195 then you might experience bumpy ride quality, heavier steering and a slight drop in the fuel efficiency.

In case you are using ZXI/ZDI variants, then the stock tyre size is 185/65 R15 and plausible upsize would be 195/65 R15.

You do not have to make any upgrades to the suspension system. General benefits of upsize include improved road grip and efficient braking.


yossarian snoopervia Google

Hi I've a swift vxi 2014 model. Oem tyre size is 165/80/r14. Is it possible to upgrade to 185/70/r14. Will there be any safety issues and downside if any. Also does it affect the speedo and odo accuracy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Yossarian,

Yes, you can very well upsize to tyres of size 185/70 R14. This will help your vehicle get better road grip and more efficient braking. This is very beneficail if you go over long highway drives or are an aggressive driver.

However, the ride quality could get a little bumpy and the odometer reading would go slightly off, as in would show a few kms more than actual. The impact on fuel efficiency will be negligible. 


Raju Dabhivia Google

i have swift lxi 2016 i have 165/80/r14.i want to replace tires with 185/65/r15 in car.please tell me,please sir suzetion me

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Hello Raju,

You can go for this upsize. In fact, 185/65 R15 is the stock tyre size on Swift ZXI/ZDI. You can go for MRF ZVTV to begin with. This tyre offers good wet and dry grip and has long tyre life, although it is a little noisy.

You can also consider Bridgestone B290. It is better than ZVTV in all aspects. 
If you want great tyres and budget is not an issue then go for Continental ContiConfortContact CC5. You could also look at Bridgestone Turanza AR20 or Michelin Energy XM2.



Adarsh Thakurvia Facebook

I want buy new Tyres for swift LDI please tell me size

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Hi Adarsh,

MRF ZV2K would be a good tyre to begin with.  And if you want something better then go for Bridgestone Turanza AR20.  In case budget is not an issue then you could go for Michelin Energy XM2 tyre. It is the best of the lot.

If you want tyres that offer better fuel efficiency then go for Ceat Fuel Smarrt or Bridgestone Ecopia EP150.


Hari Krishnavia Facebook

Now I using 165/80 R14 85T Bridgestone S248 tubeless, I like purchase tyre

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Hello Hari Krishna,

You can consider Bridgestone Turanza AR20 or Michelin Energy XM2. These are very good tyres, they offer great comfort and superior grip.

Economical option for you would be Bridgestone B290 or Bridgestone B250. If the price difference between B290 and Turanza AR20 is not much then please go for Turanza. It is a very good tyre.


Raman Deepvia Google

5/80r14...... Is it good for swift vdi 2015 ...

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Hi Raman,

Yes, Ceat Milaze is a decent tyre for Swift VDI. You can use it.



I am looking to change my Swift Vdi tyres so wanted to know if I can upgrade to 185/60/R14 or 185/65/R14 or 185/70/R14. Which is the better option and what difference will it give on speedometer and mileage?

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You can upgrade to 185/70 R14 since that'd be the only correct upsize for the Swift VDI (165/80 R14) out of the three options you've listed above. Switching to these tyres will reduce the ride height of your vehicle by 5mm. The increased contact patch/tyre width will however improve the handling of the vehicle. The fuel economy will decrease marginally (1-1.5km/l) and the ride quality will be a bit stiffer than before. The speedo error will be negligible, too. At 100km/h on the speedo, the vehicle will run at 99.1 km/h. That said, the overall results would be positive. 


I am currently running company fitted 185/70 R14 size tyres on my Swift. I wish to install 15-inch alloys on it, what will be the most suitable tyre size to provide better cornering stability?

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205/55 R15 will be the best upsizing option for you considering your performance requirement. The diameter variance is just -1.32 per cent, which is very close to stock.


My father drives a Maruti Suzuki Swift VXI. The car has run about 50,000 kilometers on company-fitted tyres. We have noticed the front tyres are completely are now worn out and plan to replace them, could you please suggest which tyres/size should we go for?

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Since you’re planning to replace only two tyres on your car, please stick to the same as before tyre size, construction, load-index and speed rating. Like for instance, if your car is fitted with 165/80 R14 85T profile tyres, try and get the same pair of tyres. You can, however, opt for a higher load-index or speed rating (‘85’ and ‘T’) but keep the stock size constant.

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