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Love Malhotravia Google

Hello i have a swift zxi model. My company fitted tyres is 185 65 R 15 ZVTV 88 of Mrf. And i have driven 64000 km. Now i have to replace my tyres. So i am confusing betweem apollo 4g tyres and mrf tyres. So plz tell me which one is best and if you have any other better option in these range so plz tell about that also. Thanku Love 99999440492

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Hi Love,


The stock factory tyres offer a decent balance of comfort, longevity, grip and cost. I'd recommend sticking with ZVTV if you want the tyre to last really long time.

Optionally, you can also consider the Earth1. These are quite and comfortable and offer good straight line and cornering grip.

The XM2 is better at evacuating water on a wet road but those groves will result in a bit more noise compared to the Earth1. Cornering also may not be at par with the Earth 1 but straight line grip will be better because of more rubber contact patch.



Dr Rajveer Singh Pawaiyavia Google

Dear sir, I want to change tyres of my Swift Dezire Zxi model 2014. I am willing to bit upsize for smooth riding as I drive daily for min 70 km to office. Can I go for Michelin or Continental size 195/65 R15 91V?

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Hello Rajeev,

Go for Michelin Primacy 3 ST or Continental Premium Contact-2 would be good options. You can go for any of them as they both offer a very comfortable ride quality.

You can upsize to 195/65 R15. While this upsize will not improve the comfort, it would improve the road grip and braking efficiency as the tyres are wider.


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