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SARANYA Kvia Google

Hello, I have tata nano and wanted to know if I can change me front tyres to 155 same as back tyres. Please let me know the advantages and disadvantages. As of now I get problem in my front left wheel and alignment problems. So can I upgrade to 155 to the front wheels so I can avoid problems.?

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Hello Saranya,

It is best to use the stock sizes as recommended by Tata. This is crucial keeping in mind the weight distribution. The front tyres for Nano are not as wide as the rear ones. This is becasue the engine is at the rear and hence most of the weight is concentrated there.

If you upsize the fron tyres to wider ones then the steering would feel heavy, handling will not be precise and fuel efficiency may drop.

The wise way out is to visit a workshop to sort the alignment and wheel balancing problem.


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