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P Harikrishnanvia Google

Hello Sid, I own an Indica Xeta 1.4 GLX. Planning to change the stock tyres 165/65 R 13 tubular to 165/75 R13 Alloy wheels. Is this OK? Will there be any rubbing issues? Am OK with speedo errors. If not what is the max size that I can opt for which will give me better ground clearance? Hari

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Hi Sir,

I will not recommend you to upsize to 165/75R13 tyre size as the diameter variation compared to the stock tyre is too much. However, you can upsize to 165/70R13. If your sole motive of upsizing is to increase the ground clearance then don't expect much improvement but the ride quality will get better. Upsizing is not a recommended method to increase ground clearance.


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