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Nilesh Rajputvia Google

I am using Appolo Amazer 175/65/R14 for my Indigo eCS CR4 model. After 4000 kms (2 months) the front tyres shows tyre bubble. When I claimed for the warranty, it was rejected due to cut of inner iron wire. What should I do?

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Hi Nilesh,

The bubbling of tyres occurs when the internal structure of the tyre is damaged therefore no doubt the inner wire is cut. Tyre manufacturers don't provide warranty in this case as it's damage due to driving on bad road or impact with curb. Tyre warranty only covers manufacturing defect. This can happen with any brand irrespective of the brand. You will have to purchase a new tyre. Read more about: What causes Bubbling of tyres?



Hi, I drive a 2010 Volkswagen Polo running on MRF ZVT tyres. Recently, while driving on the bad roads of UP, the front left tyre of my car hit a pothole really hard and now I have noticed a bubble on the the same tyre’s sidewall. Is it safe to continue driving on that tyre?

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Bubble on the tyre sidewall is a major safety hazard and it is very unsafe for you to use that tyre as it could blowout anytime. Bubble is formed on the sidewall when theinner cords of the tyre gets damaged. Please get it replaced immediately.

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