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Arvinder Singh Dhingravia Facebook

Can 165/70 R14 be used instead of 165/65 R14 Tyre ?

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Hello Arvinder,

Yes, you can use 165/70 R14 tyre instead of 165/65 R14. You may feel the ride quality to be a bit bouncy, but apart from that there should be no problem.



Atul Agarwalvia Facebook

Hi ramit , I am having a swift and i want to upgrade its tyre size - so should i only upgrade the tyres or should i upgrade the tyres and suspension too ?

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Hi Atul,

If you are using Swift LXI/LDI or VXI/VDI variants, then the stock tyre size would be 165/80 R14. Plausible upsizes to this are 175/80 R14 and 195/ 70 R14. If you go for 195 then you might experience bumpy ride quality, heavier steering and a slight drop in the fuel efficiency.

In case you are using ZXI/ZDI variants, then the stock tyre size is 185/65 R15 and plausible upsize would be 195/65 R15.

You do not have to make any upgrades to the suspension system. General benefits of upsize include improved road grip and efficient braking.


lakshay goelvia Google

I want tyres for my 2012 audi a6 best suited for comfort and silence. Do tell me what happens if I choose higher profile tyres than stock. Also do tell me what will happen if I choose higher width tyres than stock. Thank you.

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Hi Lakshay,

You cannot go for high profile tyres as that would require a subsequent decrease in the tyre width. This process is called Downsizing. It is not only highly dangerous but also illegal.This will pose a problem while claiming insurance in case of a mishap.

In case you go for a wider tyre with higher side profile then you are using a wrong tyre size. 

The idea is that with increase in tyre width, the tyre profile decreases so as to maintain diameter difference value around 3% or less than that.

So, you can either continue using stock size or wider tyres with a slight corresponding decrease in sidewall.

Going for wide tyres help you get better road grip and improved braking. But, your ride could get a little bumpy and tyres will wear out relatively quickly. It is best that you stick to the stock tyre size as the tyres of A6 are anyway reasonably wide.


shahid Husainvia Google

Hii I want to upsize my hyundai i10 tyre from 155 80 r13 to 185 80 r13 can it workjQuery22307280697335954756_1486179975333??

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Hi Shahid,

The right upsize would be 185/70 R13. However, please keep in mind that this would make the ride quality bumpy, the handling may not be precise and the fuel efficiency will drop by a few kilometres. Due to the added weight of the wider tyres the steering could also feel heavy.

The benefits of thi upsize is that the vehicle would get more road grip and braking will be more efficient.



Rahul batra

Hi I have Skoda rapid tyres size 175/70/14 ,I want to upgrade to 185/75/14 . is this size available if yes then will it affect any part of car like bearings ,alignment apart from milage .

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Hi Rahul,

The 185/75R14 is not the advisable upsize for your vehicle. I will suggest you to go with 185/65R14 or 205/60R14. Yes, this tyre size is available in the Bridgestone India range. No, it should not effect things like alignment of the bearings of your vehicle.



I intend to upsize the tires on my honda brio from stock 175/65 r14 to either 185/60 r14 or 195/60 r14. My main concern is the effect on Fuel economy which would indeed take a hit but to which extend comparing between the two of them. having said that i suppose 205/55/ r14 is out of the equation. Pros and cons among these three would be of great assistance and finally the expert suggestion.Thanks.

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A wider tyre than stock will result in increased road grip because of the increased contact patch. Also, when you opt for a wider tyre, as a thumb rule, the profile (sidewall height) of the tyre has to decreased as well. This would result in less cushion and substantially stiff ride quality.However, upsizing to 185/60 R14 or 195/60 R14 will negligibly affect the ride quality or fuel economy (1-2 km/l at max.) but there will be significant improvements in  the handling department. You can choose between either of the tyres, you won't face any issues. 

While 205-spec rubber is technically a correct upgrade, please avoid doing that. This will affect the ride quality adversely, performanceof the vehicle willl drop and fuel economy will also go down considerably. 


I am looking to change my Swift Vdi tyres so wanted to know if I can upgrade to 185/60/R14 or 185/65/R14 or 185/70/R14. Which is the better option and what difference will it give on speedometer and mileage?

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You can upgrade to 185/70 R14 since that'd be the only correct upsize for the Swift VDI (165/80 R14) out of the three options you've listed above. Switching to these tyres will reduce the ride height of your vehicle by 5mm. The increased contact patch/tyre width will however improve the handling of the vehicle. The fuel economy will decrease marginally (1-1.5km/l) and the ride quality will be a bit stiffer than before. The speedo error will be negligible, too. At 100km/h on the speedo, the vehicle will run at 99.1 km/h. That said, the overall results would be positive. 

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