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Raja Pandi Durairajvia Facebook

Which is a better tyre for Polo 1.2 MPI highline 185/60 r15 - Apollo or Bridgestone.

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Hello Raja Pandi Durairaj,

While Apollo Alnac 4G is not a bad tyre, it is better that you go for Bridgestone Tyres. Go for Bridgestone Firestone FR500 tyre as it offers superior grip, long tread life and good ride comfort.

In case you want something top of the line then Bridgestone Turanza would be excellent choice. These tyres offer excellent grip, superior ride comfort , precise handling and very long tread life.


Rajendraprasad Vasalavia Google

I drive 2008 VW polo ..2nd hand...Need to change front tyres...I drive 6km rough road and 50km highway everyday...on AVG 3500km per month including long journeys...Looking for durability and puncture resistant..Please advice

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Hello Rajendraprasad Vasala,

SInce majority of your running is over highways , it is important that you opt tyres that not only offer good grip and long tread life, but also a comfortable ride quality.

Keeping this in regard, you can go for Bridgestone Turanza AR20 tyre of Michelin Energy XM2. They both offer great handling and grip, but Michelin offers better ride comfort and tread life.

If you want an economical option then go for Bridgestone B290.

Use tyre sealant in the new tyres to prevent from punctures. This is a very cost effective solution for punctures. It also increases tyre life.


Aniruddha ROY CHOWDHURYvia Google

I have a Volkswagen polo. I need to change the front tyres. All are tubeless tyres. Which tyre of mrf will be the best?

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Hello Aniruddha,

Since you are looking for  best "MRF Tyre ", I would recommend you to go for MRF ZLX. It offers a very comfortable ride quality along with good wet and dry grip. Even the tread life is quite good.

In case you have an aggressive driving style and are looking at a performance oriented product then go for MRF ZLO. This tyre offers low rolling resistance and hence, quick initial acceleration. It comes with a central rib which makes for superior high speed handling and precise steering control.


Anindya Chatterjeevia Google

Which tyre is recommended for polo 2014 edition.

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Hi Anindya,

If you want a tyre that offers good decent performance in terms of traction and comfort offered then Apollo Alnac would be a good option. In case you want something betetr then go for Michelin Energy XM2. It offers great tractipon and performance and has a very good tread life. But the only drawback with this tyre is that it is not very durable over rough/uneven roads and may get damaged. So, Bridgestone Turanza AR20 would be another pretty good and durable option to be considered.



Hi, I drive a 2010 Volkswagen Polo running on MRF ZVT tyres. Recently, while driving on the bad roads of UP, the front left tyre of my car hit a pothole really hard and now I have noticed a bubble on the the same tyre’s sidewall. Is it safe to continue driving on that tyre?

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Bubble on the tyre sidewall is a major safety hazard and it is very unsafe for you to use that tyre as it could blowout anytime. Bubble is formed on the sidewall when theinner cords of the tyre gets damaged. Please get it replaced immediately.

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