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Santhosh Pvia Google

Hey hi. Thanks in advance. I own a 2010 VW polo highline. It's time to change the OEM tyre Appollo Accelero 185/60 R15. I have 2 question in mind. Whether I can upsize to 195/60 R15 or should I go with the stock size ? I have finalised Bridgestone B290 and Yokohama Earth 1 which one should I go for ? Are there any other brands r model that you would suggest?

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Hi Santhosh,

Yes, you can surely upsize your tyres to 195/60R15 as the diameter difference is under 3% compared to the original size. Also have a look at our tyre upsizing tool to know more upsizing options- of the tyres that you are considering my choice would be Yokohama Earth-1 tyre as it the latest out of the two and customers are quite happy with this tyre. You can also have a consider Bridgestone Ecopia tyres that offer low rolling resistance for increased fuel efficiency.


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